There are many ways, including a certain level of advertising, that can get your website to the top of Google searches by merely using the relevant keyword as per what you’re looking for. SEM is an established marketing tool that involves the promotion of your website, in order to make it more visible for the researcher.

This form of advertising is an integral part of getting the most out of Google and your online website. If your website is generated with a search and listed within the top three options, your web page is 100% more likely to be opened as day to day individuals don’t necessarily have the time to research for long periods of time. With that, your website will be viewable by few if your website is not on the first Google page.

SEM tips for getting your website noticed

Keyword Research

This is one of the fundamentals of SEM. It is important to know who your client is and why they would want to buy your product or hire your services. Think in terms of, what would they search on Google for your site to be the number one option when searching the keywords.

Choose RankBrain

RankBrain is a very important tool used by Google that is designed to answer up to 15% of unknown or new queries typed into Google search daily. By creating content which answers new queries on your website, which is relevant to your potential customers, RankBrain puts your website at the top of generated Google searches.

Choose links from trustworthy and relevant sources

Be sure to choose links that are in line with the content of your website and are generated from reputable sites. It is also important to have them placed on the correct sites. In order to build a trustworthy relationship between you and potential customers.

Optimize the presence of your website

It is important to sort out your SEO locally. Visible customer reviews will promote your website to be safe.

Protect your code

Build a website that makes use of the most recent technologies and is designed to work harmoniously with search engines. Choose Cascading Style Sheets for best results.


These tips are tried and tested. They will give you optimal results in placing your website to the very top of Google searches. Try it. You’ll have traffic like none other before in no time. The experts here in iMarketing Malaysia can also help you to optimize your business online. We provide professional SEO services, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Display Advertising. Kindly call us or visit our website to get our expert consultant.

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