Role of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

In recent past Artificial Intelligence importance in marketing has become more obvious. Many companies at first hesitated to explore and gain the benefits of it. However, many are ready to embrace it as a beneficial component of their marketing strategies.

Impactful Ads

The development of better and improved advertisements is one of the biggest ways artificial intelligence has impacted marketing strategies. The ability of a brand to use Artificial Intelligence and develop crucial marketing aspects, such as keyword searches, empowers marketers to build smarter and develop more effective ads that should lead to more conversions.

For years companies have worked on research to select the target audience.  For example; who to show ads to and when to show the ads. AI allows marketers to put more focus on their target audience. This in turn lets them to create more customized ads for their customers.

One thing to know is that consumers today have large piles of data about them at marketers’ fingertips. This is because of their activities on Twitter, Facebook, and other digital channels.  This makes people wonder why — despite the data available about today’s consumer — do we still see ads that don’t pertain to the individual? The problem won’t continue for long. Individual advertising is an ongoing project and one that is worth the effort. Traditional audience segmentation is dying.  People want and need to receive personalized treatment. AI supports the customer preference and will continue to generate and serve people’s needs in the future.

Improves cyber security

Everyone is using the internet in every field. From using social media to online shopping every digital communication wants your personal information and sometime your account details as well. Here comes the need of cyber security. Business organizations also need to be protective about their brand image. This is because any small error and virus can damage the brand image. AI helps to analyse any abnormal activity that is different from a regular pattern, It then alerts you to cross check if there is any threat with the help of artificial intelligence.

Smarter Sentiment

There isn’t a way that even the most skilled teams of marketers can sort through all the things customers are talking about on blogs and social media, especially with the growing list of platforms available.  AI allows marketers to analyse just what their target customers are thinking and how they feel about the brand.  It helps marketers act in a more compassionate manner.

If we are prepared to embrace this changing landscape, AI is going to be a big part of marketing from this point forward.  Marketers are using AI to strengthen their campaigns and help understand customers.  It also helps solve the needs of each customer in each situation. Marketers should embrace the multitude of benefits it can provide. They should also look for innovative ways to allow this technology to work to their and their customers’ advantage. – Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

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