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iMarketing offers a wide range of service which can uplift your business in Malaysia by increasing the traffic to your website and promoting your inventory and products. If you are an e-commerce website owner in Malaysia, you can substantially multiply your sales with iMarketing Google AdWords Services. Furthermore, it assists in the generation of qualified leads which can easily be converted to customers, Google Shopping is an effective method to promote the products listed ad. It is also an effective method to expose shopper to your products and services thereby enhancing the potential buyers.

Benefits of Google Shopping

Cost – effective

Through Google Shopping, you generate a shopping ad in Malaysia which actually acts as campaign and depends on product attributes and not the keywords. It creates and optimizes your feed, bids and allows the Google Search Engine to pop up your ad when the user search for your product. In short, it can enhance traffic at a lower rate compared to Text Ads.

Expand your e-commerce platform

Google Shopping enables the retailers and businesses to expand their scope internationally as you don’t need to post the ad in a different language to cover a wide range of audience. It can greatly augment the e-commerce website owners in Malaysia by listing the product information, price, images and business name in front of people searching for similar products. Also, many of your ads are visible when the user searches for any of your product.

Better qualified leads

With shopping ads, you can add the product information on the ad itself informing the user about the purchase decision. So, if they visit your ad, there are high chances of them buying your products.

Visibility across various countries

As Google Shopping feature is now available in 30 different countries which include Hong Kong, Australia, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Portugal, Ireland and New Zealand, your services are not just limit to Malaysian people but can expand dramatically to various English speaking and multilingual countries.

Advanced reporting and optimizing capabilities

This is an exceptional feature which allows the website owners to monitor their performance data by the product attributes. This facilitates the owners to filter and differentiate data with their product attributes. It also allows you to access competitive metrics. It is by allowing you to know how your ad or other ad is performing at any level.

All in all

If you are looking for complete Google Shopping Solution for your business, then do not hesitate to contact us. We have been in Google Adwords business for many years. We also have helped reputable brands boost their online sales and awareness. Kindly call us or submit form on Search Engine Marketing page to get our experts consultation.

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