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Tradeshow Marketing
Ten Things to Consider for Businesses in Malaysia Before and after Signing Up to Exhibit Many people say that you eat with your eyes and that saying is true for all types of consumption. When you are trying to impress your audience make sure you start with the look and theme of your trade show...
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DigitalMarketingAnalyticsStrategies Malaysia
INTRODUCTION Digital Marketing Analytics make sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World. YOU CAN’T MANAGE WHAT YOU DON’T MEASURE It’s difficult to escape by the surge of digital marketing analytics. There are such a large number of things to track. How would you know which ones are extremely fundamental to ensuring your business remains...
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YouTubeMarketingMalaysia iMarketing
YouTube Marketing You must be wondering how should you market your business outside your website and social media? Don’t know? Its ok! We are here to guide you and provide you with the best knowledge for YouTube Marketing, so you can expand your business. We’ll give you the reasons why starting a YouTube channel will...
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FacebookMarketingMalaysia iMarketingMY
FACEBOOK MARKETING Before understanding Facebook Marketing, You need to get the background of this huge social media platform. What Is Facebook?       Facebook is a social utility for connecting people with those around them – friends, family, coworkers, or simply others with similar interests. It started in 2004 as a closed community for college students requiring...
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Pay Per Click (PPC) Of-course you may have knowledge about Pay Per Click marketing and inquiring to learn more, it’s also possible that you know how to use PPC to market your business in Malaysia, but you aren’t sure where & when to start. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place in the...
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INTRODUCTION Yes! “Digital Marketing is killing Traditional Marketing” in Malaysia. It hurts when we say so, but it’s a truth. Thinking what we are talking about.? We are talking about Digital Marketing Revolution. So you have a business and you’re uncertain how to elevate it to the world. Do you put advertisements on the radio?...
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Choosing the right SEO agency could be the best thing you ever do for your company. Selecting the wrong one could be the biggest business mistake you ever make. Why should you be careful before selecting a SEO agency? Let us tell you now. When you have poor-quality SEO, you’re putting your online assets at...
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Why Blogging Boosts Your Business
Introduction Internet marketing is an effective and efficient way to help your business grow and gain presence. With millions of your people browsing the Internet everyday, why not capitalize? Here is why you should invest in blogging for your business and how we can help you take advantage of the internet marketing phenomenon: Blogging helps...
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There are many ways, including a certain level of advertising, that can get your website to the top of Google searches by merely using relevant keyword as per what you’re looking for. SEM is an established marketing tool that involves the promotion of your website, in order to make it more visible for the researcher....
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TheImportanceofLocalSEO DigitalMarketingStrategies
Introduction Today, a business website is a very important sales and marketing tool. Studies have shown that majority of consumers head online when they want to buy a product or service. Performing local SEO on your business website can net a large percentage of this market. It can also help to generate revenue for your...
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