Yes! Digital marketing is killing traditional marketing in Malaysia. It hurts when we say so, but it’s the truth. Thinking what we are talking about? We are talking about the Digital Marketing Revolution.

So you have a business and you’re uncertain how to elevate it to the world. Do you put advertisements on the radio? Do you print flyers? Is it accurate to say that they are something you can get into, or would say they are simply things you should leave to the geeks? Likewise, what’s the discussion about traditional marketing versus digital marketing is really about?

If the same doubts appear inside your head, then you’re at the right place! We’re here to tell you why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing, and why you should be utilizing it to skyrocket your business sales.

Traditional Marketing vs digital marketing

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing can be considered as an outbound strategy. This refers to the company conveying its brand message to its target audience through physical ads. For example, print ads, radio ads, television ads, flyers, newsletters, promotional brochures, billboards, postcards, business cards, networking events, cold calls, or referrals.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is more of prospects getting in touch with the brand. It is an inbound strategy and an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts.

Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and websites. It does help to connect with your current and prospective customers.

Thinking which method of marketing will give you the best reach and best return on investment for the money you spend?

This is the same question marketers are tackling every day. Since we get the significance of both promoting channels, how about we look at the distinctions they bring to the table of your business.

Since the internet is more reachable to people, communication has become diverse and easier. For this reason, marketers have started approaching the audience through different platforms of the Internet.

You will be surprised to see the facts & figures for digital marketing in 2018. Let’s have a look!

  • Revenue in the “Digital Advertising” market amounts to €382m in 2018.
  • The market’s largest segment is the segment “Social Media Advertising” with a market volume of €102m in 2018.
  • 43% of total revenue in the “Digital Advertising” market will be generated through mobile in 2022.  

(Source: Statista)

traditional marketing vs digital marketing

10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Beats Traditional Marketing in Malaysia

This is the period when most of the organizations are approaching digital marketing practices in order to attract, engage their audience & represent their business on-line.

Traditional marketing has its own advantages but there is no doubt that digital marketing has set a revolution on fire and has some winning benefits over traditional marketing. The benefits of digital marketing are mentioned below:

1. Low Cost

Advertising from the Internet is comparatively less expensive than newspapers, television, and other traditional media. So, this ultimately gives a greater hand in the budget to increase the business. If you get the SEO on your website done right, you’ll enjoy free organic traffic from Google searches too!

2. Real-Time Result

Digital marketing gives a better and fast result of any campaign through the number of visitors, subscribers & bounce rate while traditional marketing took a lot of time for showing any results.

3. Brand Development

Through the digital medium, you can own an entire website & most importantly can have a platform to build your brand image consistently.

4. Non-Intrusive

With digital advertising, your ads are less intrusive to those who see your ads. You can participate in a social media discussion group or read or ignore a marketing email.

5. Greater Exposure

Digital marketing has the ability to reach out to a wider population globally.

6. Better Engagement

With digital marketing strategies, you can not only interact with your targeted audience in real-time but also make prompt and fruitful steps based on their quick feedbacks.

7. Quicker Publicity

Owing to real-time results with digital marketing, you get instant publicity and even if you do not, you can instantly know which of your ads aren’t working.

8. Works for Every Stage or Field

Digital marketing allows even small businesses to expand their brand presence and manage advertising and marketing front.

9. Easy Analytics

With digital marketing measuring, your marketing efforts become very easy and quick. You can instantly see which strategy is working and which isn’t through Google Analytics.

10. Two-way communication

With digital marketing, you’ll always be one click away from feedback. Consequently, this allows you to interact with your customers, or pull your campaigns as you go.

why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing

Summing It Up

While some people like to take sides in the traditional marketing versus digital marketing debate, it wouldn’t make sense to choose one over the other. They complement each other perfectly, and therefore learning from both sides will only make you a better marketer.

However, as the world transitions to a digital future, upskilling yourself with tech skills would be a careful choice.

We know that in today’s world streaming services replaced the DVDs. Newspapers are porting over to on-line subscriptions. Furthermore, radio stations are uploading their content online, and the smartphone is changing the way we consume information.

If you catch yourself getting your phone the first thing in the morning, checking it every few minutes when you’re hanging out, or pass significant time on-line, then you definitely realize the importance of digital skills.

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