Remember when we were first introduced to Email. Everyone loved it. Sending messages to each other instantly and we allowed that ‘You’ve Got Mail’ phrase. Email evolved and businesses used it for commercial purposes to promote their products. However, as time went on organisations and other parties started to misuse email by sending spam, scams and even hacks. So now, years on is email marketing still effective? Simply yes and here’s why.

Easiest way to reach your audience

According to a report from pew research centre 52% of people access their Emails through phone and we all know that a phone is with us 90% of the time. This shows that customers are more likely to see the businesses email and view and in fact 42% of retailer’s email messages were opened by customers on their phones. It’s an easy and cheap way to expose your current and potential customers to your products.

Effective way to keep customers informed and build relationships

This is one of the main reasons why Email marketing is still effective. Businesses can inform customers of sales and promos coming up, they can give them coupons and even inform them of rewards or loyalty bonuses. Here’s a stat for you, 27% of online shoppers subscribe to a store or product email to save money and 65% claim that email coupons are very important when shopping online. This will make a customer satisfied and happy that the business is keeping in touch and values them.


E-Mail marketing is one of the cheapest medium in digital marketing and apart from marketing automation or customer relationship software which is highly recommended Email marketing is very cheap. A business won’t have to spend on any rights or worry about media buys or print charges.  Email marketing done right can give a business a very large ROI.

Action orientated 

When we receive an email from someone we always perform an action. This could be forwarding it, click through, sign up and even straight buy.  Emails can be a way to drive traffic straight to your website.


Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tool to use to inform, build relationships, and boost sales. However, businesses must be careful to not rely on just Email marketing as on its own it won’t have any impact. Email marketing should be combined with SEO, SEM and other tools to be successful. This may feel like a lot of effort and costs but iMarketingMY is well equipped with the most trained and experienced staff ready to provide you with an effective digital marketing strategy.

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