Google reviews have a direct impact on your search engine rank. Most people tend to read online reviews before making any purchasing decisions. This means that a good review can go a long way. Online reviews have recently become very visible in the Google’s search engine results. Research shows that Google reviews account for about 10% of total ranking factors. Such figures cannot be ignored when it comes to SEO and advertising. Here is a highlight of how the Google reviews can boost your SEO.

1. Google reviews create a fresh user-generated content.

Content coming directly from your audience or users can be very influential to potential customers. Such regular relevant content coming from reviews has a huge impact on the SEO of your business.

2. Google reviews boost the popularity of your product.

A business that has a lot of impressive google reviews boosts the popularity of the product it offers. This increases the sales as well as the social reach. As more people talk about your product, it directly affects your SEO ranking.

3. Google reviews boost the long tail keyword traffic.

Reviewers are generally the consumers of our product or services. They will use the same language as your target audience. This means that as consistent reviews flow, you are going to get more traffic from the keywords coming directly from your customers boosting your SEO.

4. Google reviews can provide visible star ratings.

Google tends to rely on certain sites to determine your average star rating. When your products are displayed with a star rating on the search results, potential consumers can determine instantly whether they trust your product or services enough to click on your website. This, in turn, will boost traffic, sales and SEO which is not easy to achieve at the same time.

5. Google reviews improve the ranking of your product.

As you get people to constantly search for your product or service reviews, more opportunities come up to rank even higher in SERPS. This will, in turn, increase the searches of your product, in the form – product name + review. As the ranking for your product keeps improving it boosts the SEO at the same time.
Google reviews can help define the image of your business to your customers. As your customers and audience at large continue to research on your products through reading reviews, it will impact their purchasing decisions and you are going to rank higher on Google.If your business is having trouble with website ranking, local SEO optimization or even display advertising, can provide you with a solution.

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