Pay Per Click Advertising is an online inquiry closeout that makes advertisements and offers on various expressions for those promotions. The advertisements show up on web index comes about above and beneath web crawlers. iMarketing is a computerized showcasing organization in Malaysia that puts stock in using Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) technique to take your business to new skylines. We convey corporate level SEM execution and administration with fast outcomes approach.


It’s up to you. Budget setting is entirely up to you. Arguably one of the best reasons to choose PPC, its flexible for you to change at any time and very cost-effective. PPC allows you to set daily budgets where the ad is shown until that budget is finished. Setting a low budget does not mean you won’t have success. It all depends on how competitive the keyword and industry are.


Need more traffic? Need a higher conversion? Then PPC is the tool for you! By selecting the right keywords, you will be able to narrow down your audience to specific people who are most likely to click on your ad to convert giving you the best chance of a sale. With AdWords, you will be able to reach your customer at any time of the day.

Google Shopping

This is where organizations can offer items on the web. Google Shopping is included 2 features. AdWords and Google dealer Center.

Google Merchant is where your product and company info is. Furthermore, clients can see the subtle elements of your item and what you’re putting forth. Google AdWords is the place you can make publicizing efforts for your items. With AdWords, organizations can expand the consciousness of the item and post their shopping advertisements on web indexes. In fact, these two instruments work as an inseparable unit as with no item what will you publicize and without any advertisements by what method will individuals think about the item.