Do you want to advertise your product or service in Malaysia and don’t know where to start? If you wish to attract the attention of your customers and make your brand famous, then this article has all the solutions that you need to achieve your objectives

Google display banners are becoming popular methods of digital marketing today. This is because of their targeting and visual capabilities; they offer more benefits to your business. Traditional methods of marketing are now become ineffective in helping companies to achieve their sales target. Display banners can help your brand to become famous because they are visually appealing.

5 Most Successful Google Display Ad Sizes

Google gives your business a chance to advertise your blog, website in its result pages, its partner sites and other sites that allow AdSense in the form of image, text, video and flash.

If you have selected display ads as your online marketing strategy, then you should be aware which banner sizes perform better than others in online campaigns. This article will explain the five most successful Google display banner sizes for Malaysian audience you need to know.

There are more than 23 Google ad sizes available in the market. Here we will focus on the five sizes that have been successful over the years:

-Medium Rectangle-300×250

It is the best banner size that has the potential get more impression and traffic in an online campaign.

Large Rectangle- 336×280

This banner size is the second one that can help you create a good impression and bring traffic
spike to your business. It performs very well when it appears at the bottom of
the website content.

Leaderboard- 728×90

It appears at the top of your website or blog content

-Half Page-300×600

It is the largest banner size where you can place offers, texts. Contact us button to help your clients give you feedback and purchase your product.

-Large Mobile banner- 320×100

It is the fifth best performing banner sizes that help to boost the traffic of your business.

Where to find Display Banners?

If you are searching where to get display banners for your business in Malaysia, then do not hesitate to contact for more details. We have helped many Malaysian companies boost their online presence for more than ten years. Contact us today!

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