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There is no question about it- ranking higher than your competitors on Google puts you in the best strategic position. Not only will you pick up on many potential leads but your sales will also skyrocket in due time.

Whether you are simply getting started with a new website or want to optimize your E-Commerce store, here are 8 SEO practices that will double your sales:

Use unique titles for your product pages

Do not duplicate title tags. Even if products are from the same manufacturer, they should have different title tags. This will optimize your product pages with unique phrases that will allow you to rank easily.

Tweak and optimize category pages using keywords

Category pages are more important than individual posts. Remember to optimize your individual product pages for specific brands and models to prevent the pages from competing for the same keyword. For instance, the keyword “luxury watches” should be under watches.

Be mobile-friendly

Google also indexes the mobile version of websites. Therefore, your mobile search results will also play a role in doubling your E-Commerce sales. The mobile-friendly version of your website will always attract your Audience.

Use rich snippets on your pages

Adding rich snippets to your E-Commerce store increases your product visibility, providing more details for customers to click through SERPs thus driving revenue. Snippets enable search engines to understand your product information.

Redirect any expired URLs

There are products that are constantly replaced and will never come back. It is best to use redirect their expired URL from your older pages to the newer URLs. This way, the value of your SEO will always be retained.

Link seasonal products using breadcrumbs

By linking all sessional products using breadcrumbs, you will have a high optimization rate. There is always a demand for the most popular products, therefore, a “coming soon” page will warm up your target audience.

Practice good information architecture for brand new products

Reliable information is critical for the ranking of new products. It is advisable to link new product categories from your homepage or their category levels. Thus, it becomes easy for Google to index your content quickly.

Always use unique content

Adding unique content to your website will ensure that your clients are well informed. This is the best mode of Advertising well-known products, strengthening your product categories and boosting sales conversion.

There you go! 8 SEO practices that will double your sales. If you get things right, you will enjoy many opportunities that will yield more organic traffic and get the best return on investment (ROI). Although some of these practices may sound challenging for beginners, iMarketing Malaysia is the solution to any issues. We will provide you with the best marketing services.

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