Youtube Marketing
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YouTube Marketing You must be wondering how should you market your business outside your website and social media? Don’t know? Its ok! We are here to guide you and provide you with the best knowledge for YouTube Marketing, so you can expand your business. We’ll give you the reasons why starting a YouTube channel will...
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YouTube vs TV Advertising: Who Wins?
If you’ve ever watched anything on YouTube then you must be familiar with the ads that usually appear. While these videos may appear at the start of the video, in the middle or at the bottom as small banner ads, if you don’t like them you can simply close or skip them. Currently, there is...
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YouTube have become a very useful tool for advertising. This is because of the large number of viewers it commands across the globe. This has made it a more viable option for those who want to market their commodities compared to Television advertising. However, the results of YouTube Ads may not be seen overnight. In...
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