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Instagram story is a feature on Instagram that allows you to post videos and photos that only stay there for 24 hours, after which they disappear. This opens a whole new world of marketing for your business that is ripe for exploitation. Here is why you should make use of this feature for your business.

Large User Base

Instagram has over 500 million daily active users. No other means of free advertising can give you access to such a large user base. While marketing your business, you should always make use any advertising opportunity that comes your way especially if it is free and legitimate.


Instagram Story is the first thing that users see when they open the app. If you share at least one Instagram Story a day, you will ensure that you are never forgotten by your audience. This is very important because when they want to purchase something from the category you offer, you will be at the top of their mind.


Instagram Story offers a lot of different features that help you make your posts more creative and interesting. You can add text, emojis, and drawings to your photos and make them eye-catching. This will attract more people. Since the posts last for only 24 hours you can easily experiment without affecting the overall look and feel of your profile.

Real-Time Marketing

You can post live videos during a special event or a sale and let attract more and more customers to the event. This type of real-time marketing has become very important in today’s world everything is all about being in the moment. When you post a live video and people see the event taking place, even those who were sceptical about attending would want to participate.

Platform For Experimentation

Do you have a new idea that you are not sure about? Would you like to know if there is a demand for a particular product you plan to launch? Conducting polls and asking your customers through an Instagram Story post is the best way to get answers to all these questions. This is the most interesting and authentic way to do market research right now. You get feedback from people who are actually using your products.

Instagram Stories provides businesses with a unique method of marketing that no other platform can offer. Utilize this platform properly and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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