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If you’ve ever watched anything on YouTube then you must be familiar with the ads that usually appear. While these videos may appear at the start of the video, in the middle or at the bottom as small banner ads, if you don’t like them you can simply close or skip them. Currently, there is a battle between Television and YouTube. With the coming of smart android TVs, the line between YouTube and TV is blurring. Although there are a lot of similarities between TV and YouTube ads, there are also several differences. Here are some of the differences.

YouTube have greater reach hence more effective

According to a report by Nielson, YouTube currently reaches more adults than any other platform in the world. With a user base of over 1.3 billion, you can only imagine how many videos these users watch in a day. YouTube is much better for tracking the results, if you want to target the right audience, track your results, and have actionable takeaways then YouTube is your best bet.

In YouTube, you only pay for the actual view

When it comes to advertising on YouTube, you are only required to pay when someone actually views your ads. When your prospects skip the ad after only 5 seconds then you’ll not be charged anything. You, therefore don’t need to invest a lot of money to book airtime.

YouTube has an increased conversion rate

This is perhaps one of the best advantages with YouTube. You can accurately target and reach your audience. If you know your ideal audience, is there are high chances that you can target them with your YouTube ads.

YouTube makes it easier for your audience to take action

As compared to television ads, when your prospect sees an ad on YouTube he is likely to take an immediate action. Since video ads are online, it’s much easier to get the prospects to take action.

So should you do away with TV ads? Not really. If your audience is older than 35 years then it’s a core part of your marketing campaign. You should, therefore, supplement your YouTube ads with TV ads. However, since YouTube is more engaging than TV it definitely wins when it comes to running your ads.

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