About iMarketing


Company Overview

iMarketing MY is a business unit of a privately owned Acme Commerce Sdn Bhd which was established in 1989. We specialize in Digital Marketing Services that includes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) which contains Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Display Ads (Google AdWords). Appointed as official Google Partner to provide you the latest and trending online business strategies and most effective practices to boost your business visibility. We are a team of experts who do not rely on a guide manual, but working smart with years of hands on experience to provide you the ultimate customer service.

What iMarketing does?

Under the umbrella of Digital Marketing we are not only providing SEO and PPC services but we also dig deeper to understand and comprehend your business in terms of your products, services, target markets, current online efforts and positioning. Our trained experts consult with you for budget, duration, demographics and geographics of your target audience to build a robust Internet Marketing strategy to make sure your online presence prominent and performance oriented.

Here in iMarketing MY, we make sure to give you a brand new experience through working together to the last mile. Clear and personalized Digital Marketing Strategy is formulated as the key to take your business to new heights.

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Why to Choose Us?

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Committed to Serve

We are committed to serve our valuable clients to a point where they feel optimum level of satisfaction in terms of reliability, responsiveness and assurance in our promised services.

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We are highly collaborative so that we may serve and protect the interest of all stakeholders. We believe in long term partnership regardless the size and nature of the attached entity.

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Results Driven

Efforts are not efforts until those are result driven. We believe self evaluation and accountability are the keys to success. Hence making our work measurable and performance oriented.

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Honest & Transparent

We are confident about our competencies and services we deal in. Our policy is to follow meaningful and strategic procedures which speak about our transparency and honesty.

How do we do?

  • Step 1

    Understanding Requirements

    Clients requirements are specifically understood and elaborated in detail to meet their expectations.

  • Step 2

    Research & Analysis

    Before moving forward, an investigation is conducted to learn about your current internet marketing technicalities.  

  • Step 3

    Finalizing KPIs

    KPIs are finalized to demonstrate how effectively Digital Marketing objectives are being achieved.

  • Step 4


    Based on research and set KPIs, strategy is formulated to make your DM efforts performance oriented.

  • Step 5


    Latest tools and techniques are deployed to execute the devised strategy with full zeal.

  • Step 6


    Reporting is based on extensive and detailed insights that clearly communicates about our work.

  • Step 7

    ROI Analysis

    Results are evaluated to calculate the return on your Digital Marketing Investment.

  • Step 8

    Fine Tune Strategy

    Based on objective evaluation, strategy is fine tuned to achieve the desired performance.

  • Step 9


    Tools and techniques are deployed to re-implement the fine tuned strategy.

  • Final Step


    Ultimately, outcomes become desired results as these meet set KPIs.

Free SEO Consultation

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