Our Success Stories

Case Study 1: ButikBos

ButikBOS (Malaysia’s leading plus-size retailers ) engaged iMarketing to increase their brand awareness and online sales. organic traffic, brand awareness, and online sales.

SEO Result
Website listed on 1st page of Google for 14 keywords
Generate 259 online orders via Organic Search.
SEM Result
CTR=8.42% (Industry Average CTR=2.69%)
Conversion Rate= 5.29%
SMM Result
Average Purchase ROAS= 3.24x

Case Study 2: Ted Learning

Ted Learning provides corporate training for companies in Malaysia. Some of their popular courses include IT, Excel, Data Analysis, and soft-skills training. Ted Learning engaged us to help generate B2B leads for their training services.

Ted Learning had subscribed to our SEO and SEM services. 
SEO Result
Website listed on 1st page of Google for 15 keywords
Generated 1737 visitor from organic traffic
SEM Result
CTR=8.42% (Education industry average CTR = 3.72%)
Conversion Rate= 5.29%

Case Study 3: Karcher

Karcher is the leading supplier of cleaning equipment in the world. The company is providing high-pressure cleaners and ultra-high-pressure cleaners, vacuum and steam cleaners, home and garden pumps, sweepers and scrubber-driers, car washers, washing devices.
Karcher had subscribed to our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads) services. 
SEO Result
Website listed on 1st page of Google for 28 keywords
Website Visibility=69%
SEM Result
Conversion Rate= 5.87%

Case Study 4: Fortisco

Fortisco specializes in providing innovative space-saving storage solutions. They sell custom made mobile shelves targeting offices, museums, and libraries. As they are targeting a very specific niche market, we advised them to start their digital marketing journey through Search Engine Marketing (SEO).

By optimizing your website on Google Search Engine, we are able to help you capture your customers at the right place and at the right time. There is nothing more convincing than showing up as a solution the moment your customer is actively searching for it.

Unlike Facebook Advertisement that targets the mass market, optimizing your website on Google Search Engine gives you the best returns of your marketing budget for niche markets.

SEO Result
Website listed on 1st page of Google for 16 keywords
Website Visibility=71%


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