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SEO: Transformative Keyword Optimization and Link Strategy Propel Remarkable Google Growth

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Who Are Our Client?

Business Background

Yelaoshr is a leading educational institution in Malaysia devoted to redefining traditional learning methods. Offering an extensive range of academic and vocational courses suitable for various age groups, Yelaoshr places particular emphasis on crafting tailored programs for children aged 4-8 and 9-12.

With a core focus on early childhood education and literacy development, Yelaoshr has established itself as a pioneer in fostering a love for learning from an early age. Through innovative teaching approaches and a commitment to holistic growth, Yelaoshr continues to shape the educational landscape by nurturing young minds and preparing them for a successful future.

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yelaoshr seo goals

What Does Our Client Aim For?

Campaign Goal: Elevating Yelaoshr’s Acessibility Through SEO

Enhancing Online Presence Through SEO

Yelaoshr’s mission is to enhance its online presence, ensuring easy discovery for prospective students and parents through search engines. By leveraging the power of SEO, Yelaoshr aimed to stand out in the digital landscape, positioning itself prominently in search results. The objective was straightforward: connect with a wider audience, provide seamless access to information about their educational offerings, and pave the way for learners to embark on a journey of knowledge and personal growth.

What Challenges Did Our Client Encounter?

Challenges: Navigating Online Visibility Hurdles

Unveiling The Hidden Gem

Despite its robust offline branding endeavours, Yelaoshr encountered a reputation challenge as it grappled with being relatively unknown in the online realm. This discrepancy created a significant hurdle for potential students, who could not locate Yelaoshr through customary online searches.

Barrier To Discovery

The existing online obscurity was a barrier, hindering the institution’s growth potential. As potential students and parents searched for educational options, Yelaoshr’s limited online presence posed difficulties in reaching the right audience, impeding the flow of valuable information about their exceptional academic offerings.

yelaoshr seo challenges

What’s Our Game Plan?

IMarketing’s Proposed Strategy:
Transforming Yelaoshr’s Online Presence

Comprehensive Keyword Optimisation

Our first step is to meticulously analyse Yelaoshr’s content and identify strategic keywords that resonate with the target audience’s search intent. By incorporating these keywords naturally across the website’s pages, we will enhance Yelaoshr’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). This will ensure that when potential students and parents search for relevant educational terms, Yelaoshr’s website is positioned prominently, increasing the likelihood of attracting organic traffic.

Audit & Removal Of Spammy Links

To ensure Yelaoshr’s website maintains a high-quality online presence, we will thoroughly audit existing links. Any spammy or low-quality links that might negatively impact the website’s credibility will be identified and promptly removed. This proactive measure aligns with SEO best practices, safeguards Yelaoshr’s reputation, and enhances its online standing.

How Do We Put Our Plan into Action?

The Execution: Turning Strategy Into Reality

Comprehensive Keyword Optimisation

  • Identifying Relevant Keywords: We will conduct in-depth research to identify keywords that align with Yelaoshr’s offerings and resonate with the target audience’s search behaviour.
  • On-Page Optimisation: Our experts will strategically integrate these keywords into the website’s content, meta descriptions, and headers, enhancing its visibility to search engines.
  • Content Creation: Engaging, keyword-rich content will be developed to establish Yelaoshr’s authority and relevance in its field.

Audit & Removal Of Spammy Links

  • Backlink Analysis: We will scrutinise Yelaoshr’s existing backlink profile to assess the quality and relevance of incoming links.
    Disavow Spammy Links: Any low-quality or spammy links will be disavowed, ensuring that Yelaoshr’s link profile remains clean and reputable.
  • Link Building: Through ethical link-building practices, we will acquire high-quality, authoritative links that further bolster Yelaoshr’s online credibility.

Performance Monitoring And Optimisation

  • Regular Audits: We will conduct periodic audits to track progress, identify potential issues, and make necessary adjustments to the strategy.
  • Analytics Tracking: By leveraging analytics tools, we will gain insights into user behaviour, traffic sources, and engagement metrics.
  • Keyword Ranking: Monitoring keyword rankings will provide a clear picture of Yelaoshr’s progress and help us fine-tune the strategy.
  • Continuous Optimisation: Based on data-driven insights, we will continuously optimise the strategy to ensure sustained improvements in Yelaoshr’s online presence.

How Do We Make It Happen?

Search Engine Optimisation Results: Powering Growth

Yelaoshr Keyword Ranking

Exponential Keyword Ranking Growth

Yelaoshr experienced a remarkable surge in keyword rankings on Google. The number of keywords ranked escalated from 90 in 2022 to a staggering 434 in 2023, marking an astounding growth of over 3282%.

Securing Prime Google Snippet Rank

Yelaoshr secured a prime position in Google Snippets for the keyword “one-on-one teaching,” reaffirming its authority and relevance in the field of personalised education.

Yelaoshr Featured Snippet
Yelaoshr Keyword Position

Significant Uplift In Keyword Ranking

The average ranking of Yelaoshr’s targeted keywords witnessed a remarkable ascent. Going from an average ranking of 99 in 2022, the institution leaped to an impressive average ranking of 17 in 2023, showcasing an exceptional growth of over 82%.

Substantial Organic Traffic Increase

Yelaoshr’s online visibility translated directly into increased organic traffic. The number of organic visitors surged from 1766 in 2022 to a robust 2645 in 2023, representing an impressive growth of over 49.77%.

Yelaoshr Organic Traffic

What Our Client Says?

Client Testimonial: Yelaoshr’s Impact In Their Own Words

Evan Wong

Digital Marketing Executive, Yelaoshr Creative Arts Sdn Bhd

We been working with iMarketing for SEO and SEM. They are professional and helpful, always align with our goals and focus on delivering results. High recommend as they are expert in providing solution. Thanks for the great work guys!


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