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SEO: Boosting Clicks with English and Malay Content to Enhance Engagement

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What Challenges Did Our Client Encounter?

The Challenge

Originally formed in 2018, AskTraders was born with the aim to share the experiences of its professional team to guide new traders to learn to profit from the financial markets. The primary goal of its website is to provide insightful market trends and trade analysis by experts that the traders can leverage.

As their business grows, AskTraders moves to expand their market globally, including Malaysia. Looking for suitable approaches to boost its revenue stream, AskTraders is looking to have more localised content and relevant backlinks to increase its website’s organic traffic. In 6 months, our team at iMarketing has worked together with the client in our customised SEO Projects to help achieve clients’ desired goals.

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Ask traders SEO approach

How Do We Put Our Plan into Action?

Our Approach 

iMarketing is known to provide clients with a fine-tuned digital marketing strategy that best fits their organisation’s needs. After an in-depth analysis and digital audit by our team to connect audiences to AskTraders, we focused on providing clients with our extensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns that later proved to improve their organic presence within the local audiences and increased conversion rates.

What’s Our Game Plan?

Our Strategy

Content Creation

Our SEO experts at iMarketing have developed English and Bahasa Melayu (BM) content for the website. They have successfully attracted Malaysian users, making up 62% of them to click through the links, and have accumulated 15.4k total clicks in 6 months. With Malaysian most interested in Forex brokers and stock markets, we have created quality localised content that most articles have gained about 700-3000 clicks from the users.

On-Page Optimisation

To further increase AskTraders’ website traffic and its conversion rate, our professional SEO team at iMarketing has taken all measures within the website to improve its position in the search rankings. Examples of this include optimising existing content on the website, improving the meta description and title tags, enhancing the users’ experience, and leveraging relevant keywords. This leads to a drastic increase in traffic rate and has brought a 4.52% higher conversion rate.

Backlinks Creation

We understand backlinks remain a crucial factor for organic search ranking. The number of referring domains is one of Google’s most important ranking factors. The more total referencing domains a site has from high authority websites, the higher the site ranking is on Google. That is why our experts at iMarketing work on building relevant backlinks on AskTraders’ website and have proven to boost the organic traffic rate as high as 725%.

How Do We Make It Happen?

The Result

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