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At iMarketing MY, we increase your sales and get your business to reach more potential audiences with Google Ads. As one of the top Google Ads Agency in Malaysia certified by Google, we manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) ads campaign and help your business target the right audience.

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    Our certified Google Ads specialists perform their tasks with a distinctive focus on Google. We provide you with search marketing strategies, manage your pay-per-click ads campaign, and help drive the right audience to your business – to increase brand awareness and sales leads.

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    iMarketing has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in their Google Ads service, meeting our internal company expectations for supporting digital business operations. Their responsiveness and ability to address issues efficiently are particularly noteworthy. We extend our gratitude to Jeff and Chong for their contribution to our digital brand awareness and growth.

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    Very responsive team. They really listen to your goals n adjust the campaign accordingly. Now my business is flourishing. Tq iMarketing

    Devva Darsshan

    Google Ads Services

    Together, we set a target and critical results to achieve via Google Ads before deploying the right PPC strategies to drive traffic and quality leads to your website.


    Reach a bigger audience with iMarketing’s Google Search Ads and let someone who searches a term related to your business find you.


    With iMarketing’s Local Search Ads, you feature your physical store location when people search for products or activities near your business.


    Advertise on various websites and platforms using static or animated GIF images with our Display Banner Ads services.


    Create compelling video campaigns and engage with bigger users on YouTube and across partners’ sites with iMarketing’s YouTube Video Ads services.


    What Does Google Ads Offer?

    Our Google Ads Manager manages your campaign with ONE single OBJECTIVE, which is to GROW your business. Your brand promoted, your world connected!


    Drive sales online through your website or your physical store.

    Quality Leads

    Get leads from prospects with high intention by engaging with them at the right time and place.

    Website Traffic

    Get the right people to visit your website.

    Brand Awareness

    Encourage people to explore your products or services.


    Our Google Ads Management Process

    Identify profitable keywords

    Our Google Ads Specialists perform detailed keyword research based on your niche, goals & objectives and identify the most profitable keywords for your business. These keywords are based on user search phrases when looking for the services you offer.

    Analyse Your Competitors

    To build better plans for your Google Ads campaign, we closely Pay attention to your competitors PPC ads and develop an effective strategy to outrank your competitors and bring more leads for you.

    Strategy And Budget Planning

    Understand your objectives, KPI, plan the budget according to your marketing objectives, drive more traffic, and ultimately generate leads forecast.

    Campaign Setup And Ads Creation

    Create attractive Ad copies that target a specific group of keywords and set up an effective campaign to reach out to your audience.

    Optimisation And Monitoring

    Constantly monitor and optimise the campaign based on the data to deliver the best results and ensure that it runs smoothly.

    Performance Review

    Generate monthly reports and provide consultation so that you are informed regarding the campaign progress and performance.


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    Frequently Asked Question

    What is Google Ads?

    Google Ads (formerly referred to as Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform enabling companies to advertise their products and services on Google Search Engine, YouTube, and other websites that have Google AdSense. On Google Ads, advertisers are allowed to set their goals for their ad campaign, customize advertising budgets, targeting customers based on locations, keywords, age, time, language, frequency, and devices. Users are also able to start or stop their ads at any time.

    How Google Ads Work?

    Google Ads display your ads when people search for the keywords that are related to the products and services you offer. Google’s smart algorithm helps get your ads in front of potential customers when they are actively looking for these products and services.

    To get started:

    1. Create a Google Ads Account.
    2. Kick start your campaign by setting up your goals. This can be getting more brand awareness (impression), get more visitors (website traffic) or getting more sales leads for your business.
    3. Select your service area. You can target location by cities, states, or even countries.
    4. Finally, create your ads and set your daily or monthly budget cap.

    When your ads are approved by Google, it will show up whenever there is a user is searching for relevant product or services. You will only get charged when users click on your ad.

    How much does Google Ads cost?

    Google Ads can operate on almost any budget. You only pay when audiences engage with your ad, such as clicking to visit your website or making a call to your business. For Google Ads, there is no minimum spending requirement, and no contract length required, you can start or stop your ads campaign at any time. Our Google Ads Services team will assist you in setting the daily budget depends on your advertising budget.

    What are the different types of Google Ads?

    There are five types of Google Ads:

    • Search Network Campaign. This ads will usually be in the form of text. These advertisements will appear on the Google Search Result pages. When someone types “keywords” and searches for products or services.
    • Display Network Campaigns. This ads will usually be in the form of an image or gif. These ads will appear on websites or apps when the audience visits them.
    • Video Ad Campaigns. This ads will be made in 5 seconds or 15 seconds of video. These ads will appear before or during the contents of Youtube.
    • Shopping Ads Campaign. This ads will provide information about the products you are selling, such as prices, store name, product photos, and more. Suitable for e-commerce sites.
    • The App Campaign. This ads usually helps promote the apps that will trigger more users to download or install your apps. Google Ads promotes your apps through Search, Google Play, Youtube, Google Display.


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