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SEO & SEM: Campaign Targeting Location to Attract Walk-In Customers

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Who Are Our Client?

Business Background

Hello Dental Clinic, with three strategically located branches in the Klang Valley, has carved a niche as a premier provider of dental services, specialising in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Renowned for its commitment to patient comfort, the clinic ensures every visitor’s personalised and pleasant experience.

Boasting a team of skilled professionals, Hello Dental Clinic upholds high standards of excellence, staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field. The clinic’s geographic distribution reflects a thoughtful approach to accessibility, making quality dental care readily available to a diverse population.

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What Does Our Client Aim For?

Campaign Goal: Enhancing Visibility And Foot Traffic For Hello Dental Clinics

Hello Dental Clinic and iMarketing collaborated on SEO and SEM campaigns to increase the visibility of the clinic’s website and attract more walk-in customers. The campaigns were designed to align with the clinic’s primary objectives. Through the implementation of targeted SEO strategies, the goal was to optimise the online presence of Hello Dental Clinic, making it more prominent in search engine results.

Simultaneously, the SEM campaign leveraged paid advertising to increase immediate visibility and drive relevant traffic to the website. The overarching objective was to boost online engagement and translate this digital presence into tangible foot traffic, ultimately fostering increased awareness and patronage for Hello Dental Clinics across their three branches in the Klang Valley.

What Challenges Did Our Client Encounter?

Navigating Challenges: Boosting Digital And Physical Engagement For Hello Dental Clinics

Digital and Physical Customer Attraction

Hello Dental Clinic encountered difficulties attracting customers in the digital realm and at their physical clinics. The challenge was not only limited to online visibility but extended to converting this visibility into tangible foot traffic. Striking a balance between digital engagement and encouraging physical visits presented a unique set of challenges that must be addressed strategically.

Limited Online Visibility

The Hello Dental Clinic website lacked visibility on search engines, resulting in minimal online traffic. The low visibility posed a significant hurdle in reaching and engaging with the target audience. To maximise the impact of the SEO and SEM campaigns, iMarketing needed to overcome this challenge by implementing tailored strategies to enhance the clinic’s presence in online search results and drive relevant traffic to the website.

What’s Our Game Plan?

Strategic Roadmap: Elevating Hello Dental Clinics’ Online Presence Through iMarketing’s SEO And SEM Solutions

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • Website Optimisation: iMarketing implemented a comprehensive website optimisation strategy, fine-tuning Hello Dental Clinic’s online presence to align with targeted keywords. This approach aimed to enhance the website’s relevance in search engine algorithms, improving its visibility and accessibility to potential customers.
  • Keyword Diversification: To broaden the reach and effectiveness of the SEO campaign, iMarketing undertook keyword diversification. This involved incorporating a mix of service-specific and location-based keywords and strategically optimising content to cater to the unique needs of each branch. The goal was to improve search engine rankings and maximise visibility across various locations.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

  • Location Targeting: iMarketing’s SEM strategy focused on precision through location targeting. The campaigns were tailored to resonate with users in specific locations by integrating area-specific keywords into the ad copy. This targeted approach aimed to capture the attention of individuals within a defined radius of each Hello Dental Clinic, increasing the relevance of the ads for local audiences.
  • Performance Max (Localised Targeting): Leveraging the Performance Max feature, iMarketing ensured localised targeting in SEM campaigns. This strategic approach meant ads were specifically showcased to users near Hello Dental Clinic branches. The campaign aimed to boost visibility and engagement by honing in on local audiences, ultimately increasing the likelihood of attracting local patients to the clinics.

How Do We Make It Happen?

Achieving Real Results: Hello Dental Clinic’s Digital Impact!

Hello Dental Clinic Daily Website Traffic Surge

Daily Website Traffic Surge

The clinic now pulls in a robust 1900 monthly website visitors. This uptick isn’t just numbers; it signifies a meaningful increase in online engagement and interest in dental services.

Keyword Growth Unleashed

Over 10 months, Hello Dental Clinic’s top keywords shot up from 9 to an impressive 98. This growth translates to improved visibility in online searches, making the clinic more accessible and discoverable for potential patients.

Hello Dental Clinic Keyword Growth Unleashed
Hello Dental Clinic Inquiries On The Rise

Inquiries On The Rise

The number of inquiries has seen a substantial 73% increase within the same timeframe. It’s not just about website visits; it’s about converting online interest into real-world connections and inquiries.

Local Focus, Local Impact

The strategic emphasis on Jalan Ipoh, Cheras, and Subang has paid off. Hello Dental Clinic isn’t just a digital presence; it’s now a visible and sought-after choice for individuals actively searching for dental services in these areas.

Hello Dental Clinic Local Focus, Local Impact

What Our Client Says?

Voices Of Satisfaction: Testimonials From Hello Dental Clinic

Gin L

Clinic Owner, Hello Dental Subang

iMarketing managed to rank and sustain our website position on google as TOP 3 PAGE 1 despite given a hot keywork to work with.
Professional and reliable. Prompt replies when I face hiccups. Team does a good job to keep me updated with the progriss throughout. Highly recommend.


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