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SMM: Facebook Ads Led to Remarkable ROI and Conversion Rate Growth

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What Challenges Did Our Client Encounter?

The Challenge

Direct English International Language Centre (DEILC) aspires to be among the key players in providing language learners and training services in Malaysia. These services are offered to benefit a broad spectrum of learners comprising university-bound students, undergraduate, working professionals, and any other learner above 13 years of age.

DEILC commits to offers its services with professionalism and integrity to ensure all its learners’ clients can achieve their intended learning outcomes and subsequently become a competent user of the English language at any level they desire.

Our SMM teams have managed to strategize and execute a comprehensive SMM campaign for the past 12 months. We also managed to bring more leads and sales in direct English.

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Direct English Our Approach

How Do We Put Our Plan into Action?

Our Approach

The acknowledgment between what has and what has not achieved often happens. That is why, when iMarketing jumped on board, we set up a complete digital audit. Then Our team announced the quick gains and all the long-term growth elements. Then we formed a strategy of SMM to attain more leads through Facebook Ads.

What’s Our Game Plan?

Our Strategy

Landing Page Creation

The landing page introduces Direct English and Direct English International Language Centre services and expectations. Audiences able to learn more about the benefits of choosing Direct English to improve their English language proficiency journey.

Lead Generation Campaign

Facebook lead generation campaign is a great way to receive audience information because most of the time it is auto filled when the form is prompt, making it easier for audience to submit their information to business for further communications.

Retargeting Campaign

Remarketing ads has been served to recapture and remind the audience that interacted with Direct English that they had a free English language proficiency assessment test.

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