Google advertising is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic and conversion to your site. Google ads can be both written or display ads that pop up on the Google search engine when someone keys in a keyword. However, using this software isn’t as easy as it sounds and could be time-consuming. A lot needs to be thought about before using Google ads and you will definitely need help. Luckily, iMarketing does offer this service to get you started!

Starting a campaign

In order to set campaign goals for the specified projects. The most important information that needs to be submitted is the detailed specifications of the main target audience. This is because the campaign is a continuously ongoing project.

This information is required to submit to the Google campaign management software. This software will eventually carry out the whole advertisement campaign throughout the internet. It’s based on the target interests shown by online users.

So, all that is needed to start-off this campaign is the business information and the campaign will be executed to deliver the conversions in a short period of time.

Why Google Ads?

With a huge number of sites, news pages, online journals, and Google sites (Gmail and YouTube); Google Display Network achieves 90% of internet clients around the world.

With particular alternatives, while focusing on keywords, demographics, and re-targeting, you can urge clients to notice your brand, consider your offerings, and make a move. Measure your advertisements’ outcomes and sort out which audiences are more responsive.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to increase sales or get more calls, Google Ads helps you measure campaign performance so that you can make changes accordingly to achieve your targets.


Remarketing in Google Ads comprises of static pictures, GIFs, video, responsive advertisements, and content promotions that are put on the Google Display Network and Google Search Network.

What makes remarketing unique in relation to standard Display and Search advertising is the targeting. The main idea of remarketing is that you need to discover those individuals who have indicated enough interest in your products or services to re-visit your site.

These individuals will probably play out whatever action that you consider of conversion than individuals who have not yet visited your site.

Data Science

Today, Data Science has evolved and become much sophisticated like never before. Our Display Ads strategy relies on the data provided by our analytics tools and techniques.

We monitor and modify our campaigns based on keywords search, bidding, and ad content performance constantly.

Along with Google Ads Malaysia and Analytics; we also deploy our other technical tools to make reporting insights more extensive and detailed. Reporting does not end on tracking how much traffic has been generated from the ad, to be more specific it is also traced how much traffic has been generated by Calls & Live Chat features.

To conclude, Google Ads is a great tool to use to boost your digital marketing campaign. However, like most digital marketing tools it is not as effective alone. You need to combine your Google ads campaign with other services like SEO services and PPC advertising. I know this can be very time-consuming and at times confusing but that’s why iMarketingMY is here. We can create the campaign of your dreams.