Google Adwords Campaign is no doubt the most effective, targeted, and easily measurable form of advertising and marketing in history. With this new Google technology, you can be able to reach millions in just seconds, and be in front of an appropriate audience. But, in order to get the most out of this incredible system and get more calls from your Adwords campaign you need to be smart on the nature in which you implement your Adwords. Here are 5 ways to get more calls from your Adwords campaign.

Split up your campaign and Adword groups.

You should avoid putting all of your keywords into one campaign and one Adword group. Google is made in a hierarchical way making it easier to manage your key terms. With the campaigns, you can manage a number of Adword groups, while with the Adword group you can manage the specific Adwords for a set of key terms. You can break down your account such that the base keyword of your campaign, the Adword groups and the key terms have slight variations. For example, if the base keyword is ‘dress’, the key terms can be ‘red dress’, ‘blue dress’ etc. Being organized and splitting your campaigns and Adword groups will allow you to create more specific Adwords generating more calls.

Match your Adwords to your key terms.

You should try as much as possible to create specific Adwords and match them to your key terms. Adword groups are necessary for the specific Adwords. For example, if the Adword group is ‘Estate planning lawyer’, key terms can be estate planning lawyer and estate planning lawyers. This will get more people to click and actually make calls.

Incorporate your keyword into your Adword.

Using your keywords in your Adwords has a psychological impact on your audience. This will help connect the Adword to the visitor. The extra visibility which will appear in bold will help tremendously which will generate in more clicks hence more calls.

Create multiple Adwords and monitor them.

Creating multiple Adwords will let you properly analyze your performance. Having 2 or 3 Adwords to begin will increase your potential for conversions and you are going to realize which one of them is more effective.

Stay up to date on Google.

Google Adwords is constantly evolving. New features such as images and videos are added all the time. You need to always stay up to date with such advertising tools. You can do this through Google’s help resources.

The above are just some of the ways you can get more calls from your Adwords, however, if you are still having problems with low traffic, low website ranking and even lower conversions, can provide a solution.

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