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    Social Media Marketing Services

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing methods for social media. The Facebook platform has a large pool of potential customers and audiences. It’s a great choice to advertise your business on Facebook. Our experienced Facebook Marketing team will help you grow your business and increase sales through Facebook Ads.

    Instagram Ads

    Instagram is also one of the social media marketing platforms that can help you skyrocket your brand awareness or introduce new products. We’ve got experts who can help you monitor and optimise your Instagram marketing ads.

    LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn is one of the social media marketing platforms that can help your ads reach professional audiences. LinkedIn Ads is mainly suited for B2B businesses. We have a team that can increase your business leads and sales with LinkedIn B2B Advertising.


    Getting Your Business Visible And
    Prominent On Social Media

    Social Media Marketing Analysis

    Social Media Marketing Analysis

    Social Media Marketing starts with analysis. Our experts dig deep to understand and comprehend your business in terms of products, services, target market, current online efforts and positioning. Our skilled experts consult with you for your targeted audience’s budget, duration, targeted social media platforms, demographics, and geographics. This is how iMarketing Malaysia builds a strong and robust social media marketing strategy to ensure your online presence remains prominent.

    Retargeting & Conversion Tracking

    Retargeting is a great tool to use in social media marketing. Ads are shown to people who already have shown interest in your business and website previously. It is used to remind and guide customers on their social media platforms of the importance and value of your products and services.

    We will also track the conversion rate of each advertisement on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We will be able to grasp the audiences who convert at the most efficient bid possible.

    Social Media Retargeting and Conversion
    Social Media Marketing Transparency

    We Believe In Transparency

    Pricing structure clarity and accurate information disclosure speak out loud how transparent we are. We are confident about our social media marketing competencies and services we deal in. Philosophy of open communication for social media campaigns engages our clients in a professional, loyal, and long-term relationship.

    Reporting Mechanism

    Accurate and objective evaluation of our campaigns is compulsory so that we can measure ROI on your Social Media Campaign investments. We have deployed the latest reporting tools to get customised and detailed insights into our SMM efforts on your advertisements. Those tools can provide sophisticated yet understandable graphical results to know where it was hit precisely to get the desired results.

    Social Media Reporting Mechanism


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Social Media Marketing?

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an internet-based marketing that targets and connects with potential clients using social media platforms. The most significant social media marketing platforms are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.

    What Is The Best Way To Do Social Media Marketing?

    The most efficient way to do Social Media Marketing (SMM) is to first identify your goals. Be specific, measurable, and attainable. Understand whether you’re looking to build a community, increase website traffic, or build brand awareness. After that, identify where your clients are browsing online, then choose the right social platform to target them. To increase engagement, you need to consistently create relevant and helpful content that appeals to your viewers. Most importantly, it is crucial to measure the marketing results to make sure that your ad campaign is optimized towards your goal.

    Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

    Social media is a powerful marketing platform to introduce your products and services to new potential clients. As of January 2020, 81 percent of the Malaysian population is active on social media.

    By utilizing social media, you can connect with your target audience at scale, but at the same time keeping the one-on-one engagement. With social media, you can nurture cold leads into a paying customer over time.

    How Much Does Social Media Marketing Costs In Malaysia?

    The cost of SMM can vary depending on the types and length of services. On average, social media marketing can cost from RM 1,500 to RM 30,000 per month in Malaysia.

    How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Facebook In Malaysia?

    Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms to do Social Media Marketing (SMM). On average, the cost-per-click to advertise is USD 0.18.


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