When it comes to advertisement placement and internet marketing, there are several essential practices that managers must take into account if they wish to see positive results. This is because failure to do so may lead to reduced profits, wrong information, and poor planning. With that said, the following are top 5 adverting placement practices.

  1. Remarketing

Most marketing experts unanimously agree that re-marketing is one of the best points to start with when it comes to advertisement placement. The main idea behind this practice is to keep past visitors engaged so that they do not ignore your ads, move to other sites, or switch to other products.

  1. Making use of managed placements

Managed advertising placements are one of the most important marketing tools when it comes to giving the advertiser control on where their ads are placed. This is because if you simply use tools like topic or interests targeting, Google will make the decision for you by guessing which website are relevant.

  1. Have a budget in place

Due to the fact that advertising placement involves a large space, capable of reaching thousands of users on a daily basis, you have to be very carefully when setting your budget. In most cases, you can start out with a small amount and then work your way up. You could also hire advertising professionals who will be able to come up with a practical and effective budget for your campaign.

  1. Creating ads in various format

When it comes to advertisement placement, it is important that you create ads in almost every format. This is largely because there are certain sites that will only accept one kind of format. So having many will prepare you for such a scenario.

  1. Creating ads that are visually clear and simple

Even though this practice may sound obvious to some, there are certain ad managers who from time to time forget its importance. The fact is that if users cannot understand or feel that your ads are unattractive. They will not click on them regardless of where you place them.


In practice, managers may at times be forced to neglect one of the described points either due to lack of technology or huge costs. This is why imarketing.my’ can be the solution to the issues since it is more than capable of providing you with the best service.