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Display Ads
most popular google display ad sizes
Introduction Do you want to advertise your product or service in Malaysia and don’t know where to start? If you wish to attract the attention of your customers and make your brand famous, then this article has all the solutions that you need to achieve your objectives Google display banners are becoming popular methods of...
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Ultimate Guide to Retargeting Ads on Your Clients
Businesses cannot survive without an effective online marketing campaign. Additionally, the best advertising platform nowadays is the internet. Consequently, your best bet for success and expansion is an online marketing strategy. More specifically, you have to focus on a specific segment of your potential market. Remember, you would never hit your target if you aim...
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Why You Should Optimize your Ads with Location Extensions
Introduction Most web surfers today search for location-specific information. Including the specific location of your business in your ads and content is therefore very crucial as it helps attract the right audience for increased click-through. You will get real value from the search engines result pages (SERPs) by including additional data to the ad like...
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Google Adwords Campaign is no doubt the most effective, targeted, and easily measurable form of advertising and marketing in history. With this new Google technology, you can be able to reach millions in just seconds, and be in front of an appropriate audience. But, in order to get the most out of this incredible system...
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Google Ads – How Adwords work – Display Advertising Malaysia
Introduction AdWords is one of digital marketing’s most effective and results orientated tools to use. Google Ads will help improve your website awareness and get customers who are interested in your business and its products and services. However, it is quite difficult, and time-consuming to understand, manage, and execute effectively a Google ads campaign. That’s...
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