Digital Marketing 2018
INTRODUCTION Yes! “Digital Marketing is killing Traditional Marketing” in Malaysia. It hurts when we say so, but it’s a truth. Thinking what we are talking about.? We are talking about Digital Marketing Revolution. So you have a business and you’re uncertain how to elevate it to the world. Do you put advertisements on the radio?...
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Must DoDigitalMarketingStrategyforANewCompanytoIncreaseROI
Introduction. New companies spend a lot of time and finances on advertising and marketing their product and services. Technology has made it easier for new companies to venture into the market. There are many marketing tools that have been designed to help new companies easily market for their product and services. Online marketing helps new...
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With changes in the modern technologies and business market becoming very competitive, every business should market its products or services to enhance the return on investments (ROI). Most businesses in Malaysia are either changing to online modes or adopting Digital Marketing to capture the lucrative online marketplace. You might receive tons of traffic on your...
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