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We are living in the era of a dynamic and fast moving business world. If a business is doing well today it doesn’t guarantee success tomorrow. This is how rapid, uncertain and competitive corporate world has become. Business processes doesn’t work as they were used to before.

Everything is adapting the change of digitalization so is Marketing. It has become a necessity to incorporate the traditional marketing practices to digital practices. In the upcoming lines, I am going to share 10 general steps. These steps will be effective with any Digital Marketing tool such as SEO, SMM, SEM and the rest you choose.


1. Understanding Requirements

This is the first and foremost step where the process begins. One should specifically understand the campaign requirements  and elaborate in detail. So that eventually expectations are met.

2. Research & Analysis

A systematic investigation is compulsory before the application of emergent knowledge. Furthermore, it is carry out to learn about business better. You cannot move on to the next step without understanding one’s business, its products, services, processes, positioning and target market.

3. Finalizing KPIs

A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a task has been performed to achieve set objective. For instance a promotional banner reach must be at least twenty thousand people. These twenty thousand reach is a KPI. So, with the association of your digital marketing agency mutually, get your KPIs finalize.

4. Strategizing

Based on research and set KPIs, formulate the strategy to make Digital Marketing efforts performance oriented.

5. Implementation

Without effective implementation, all the efforts can go vain. Therefore, latest tools, techniques and a team of experts should execute the devised strategy with full devotion.

6. Reporting

Once the strategy has been implemented as it was carefully planned after all resources, risks and results were associated with it; time for evaluation comes.  Moreover, your reporting should  based on extensive and detailed insights that clearly communicates about work.

7. ROI Analysis

In this process step measure the results against the investment you have made. In fact, ROI will differ from every digital marketing technique. Furthermore SEO, return will be measured on the basis of a site’s rank on SERPs. For display advertisements, it will calculate the basis of reach and so forth.

8. Fine Tune Strategy

At this stage, gaps and improvement areas are highlighted. So, based on these points, fine tune your strategy to achieve your desired performance.

9. Re-Implementation

This is the stage where final implementation of fine tuned strategy takes place. Deploy latest tools and techniques  to achieve better and improved results.

10. Results

After going through this comprehensive and results oriented process, outcomes become desired results as these meet set KPIs.

These are the 10 steps to an effective digital marketing campaign. You should revise your digital marketing campaign before you embark on the 10 steps.

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