How You Can Leverage Digital Marketing And Make It Works For Your Business

Growing internet and mobile technologies have opened a whole new door of opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services to their audience. Given the fact that almost 4 billion people are on the Internet worldwide, it only makes sense to use these technologies to boost customer outreach and generate revenue. Digital marketing is […]

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads – Which One Should You Choose?

With the global market becoming increasingly competitive day-by-day, digital marketing has been on a rapid rise and a necessity for every business owner across the world. Google and Facebook are without a doubt the two biggest digital platforms that cater to advertisements for your respective business. Let’s go into detail about Google Ads vs Facebook Ads […]


Online Marketing Guides for Beginners

You’ve probably heard a lot about online marketing and how people are earning a living at it. But what you might not know is that there are many different internet marketing tips that help them get more leads. I want to share with you 3 important online marketing tips that will totally transform the way […]

Google Ads – How Adwords work – Display Advertising Malaysia

Google Ads | How Google Ads Work in Malaysia

Introduction Google Ads is one of digital marketing’s most effective and results orientated tools to use. Google Ads will help improve your website awareness and get customers who are interested in your business and its products and services. However, it is quite difficult, and time-consuming to understand, manage, and execute effectively a Google ads campaign. […]

seo agency vs in house team

SEO Agency Malaysia vs In-house Team? Which One Is Best?

SEO upsurge the search engine rank and site traffic of the company or an individual. It’s simple but professional! So, hiring an expert for SEO service is always better than an in-house work because it’s not a one-person job. You need a team with different professional knowledge to manage SEO for your business website. Search […]

seo kl

Why Every Business In Kuala Lumpur Needs SEO?

With the population in the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur today, you will understand why there is an abundance of business opportunities offered here. Wanting a slice of the action in Kuala Lumpur, many businesses are seen competing for the market of the same niche. However, with the limited percentage of market dominance, your business […]

6 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips in Malaysia

So you’ve been posting insightful and entertaining content on your social sites. Everything is going great for you, but you’re getting minimal clicks on your content. Major bummer! Getting massive clicks on your social media platform is just like being selected from a large crowd. You need to have some attractive and unique qualities which […]

Hack Attacks, WordPress Plugins

Recent Hack Attacks On WordPress Sites Through Vulnerable Plugins

Since July 2019, over ten vulnerable WordPress plugins have been abused by hacker groups. By creating fake admin accounts, the hackers gain unauthorized access to backdoor sites.  The last two months have seen a rise in the number of hack attacks on WordPress sites. Attackers exploited the sites to inject malicious code into the victim’s […]