What is Push and Pull Digital Marketing? Old Theory in the New Age 2018

Therefore, Our day to day marketing strategies falls into two categories. Therefore, the push & pull digital marketing. Have you ever heard or employed one or the other? And how about both of them? Here’s a breakdown

What is Push Marketing?

The push marketing strategy is a promotional scheme where businesses take action of taking their products to potential customers. The consumer is not actively seeking for the services and products offered. Although, it is introduced to them through TV and radio advertisements, billboards. In the digital realm, push marketing is done through emails.

What is Pull Marketing?

The pull Marketing strategy mostly relies on the customer who seeks out the product. Therefore, the customer shall be influenced by the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Moreover, they’re influenced by content marketing, blogs, SEO, and content marketing strategies.

With the pull marketing, even the smallest brands can compete with the top tier. Besides, the push marketing provides more level accuracy for content marketing making it more potent than ever.

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