It can be a pretty frustrating thing to commit to a campaign and then go through it only to find that your social media sales results are not what you expected. What we have noticed over time is that if you set a target of 25,000 likes on Facebook and run a campaign, you may achieve the sales that you want. If you do not, there are a couple of things that you can look at in order to change the results that you are getting:

No disappearing ‘likes’ please

Last week on a popular job board, there was an posting asking for help getting Facebook likes. The smart person that posted it built ‘no disappearing likes’ into their requirement. Sometimes, when you get your likes, they are bots or not real people. If you get too many bots, you cannot achieve good sales because you essentially have an audience that is partly not real. So tell your vendors and partners up front, “We would like to try for organic likes.”

We’ll help you data-drive targeting

How the audience target is the second thing that can alter the level of sales with your Facebook ads. Just like developing keywords, it can get pretty scientific. Your sales can be alter, if you miss by a little bit. We have been targeting for years on platforms like Facebook in order to drive clicks from your customers. If there is a way to broaden your audience, we have a process, a method, or a procedure that can get you that extra interest.

Data-driven targeting is based upon market research that reveals details about the demographics that will prove to be more interested in your product. By leveraging this type of strategy into your campaign, we can help you meet your expectations.

Capitalizing on sales with your social media campaigns can be one of the most important aspects of your service to your firm. If you can allow us to show you how we at can make a difference for you, we would be happy to schedule an appointment. Call us to find out how iMarketing.MY is the only provider you’ll ever need.

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