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As compared to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are currently the two most important players on the market. Although there are 2.7 million users on Facebook and 700 million users in Instagram, this does not mean that Facebook is superior. In certain ways such as advertising and marketing, Instagram often delivers the best results. Here are 5 ways to succeed with Instagram story ads.

How To Succeed With Instagram Story Ads

1. Post as much as you can

If you want to succeed with Instagram story ad then you need to post and post a lot. Since you want to capture the interest of your audience and give them a pick of your brand, creating stores will not only invite them but will also provide them with that intimate window. Although you may have an audience that you might not meet, Instagram stories will provide you with the best way to connect with them.

2. Drive brand and product awareness

When creating your campaign make sure you use a quick video or an image that will capture your audience’s attention. You also need to prominently display your brand’s name so as to capture their interest and make them search for your business after viewing the ad.

3. Keep the story short

Since social media users and consumers don’t have a big attention span, you need to keep the story short. Just like your image, the text should not contain a lot of words. The idea is to keep the story accompanying the ad short.

4. Add some personality and make fun

Instagram stories usually have features that allow you to engage with your audience and create connections. It also allows you to have fun and be playful. This can help create a character and personality behind your brand. Some of the features that you can use include fun additions and text.

5. Use stories to announce discount sells

Since everyone loves a sale, using Instagram stories ad to announce a sale or discount is one of the best ways to grab your user’s attention.

These are some of the ways to succeed with Instagram stories. Just start by posting at least once a day and once it becomes a habit you will start having a lot of fun. Remember, Instagram ads are not only accessible to businesses of all sizes but can also help you boost your marketing efforts.

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