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It’s yet another year, and marketing experts need to review the success of the previous year and determine where to emphasize in 2019 marketing strategy. However, it’s hectic to come up with a budget for things you are handling for the first time like paying for your advertising.

Regardless what your goals are, you should allocate substantial time and budget to your website to get your desired Internet marketing results. That brings the question of how much you should budget for marketing in 2019. To get answers to that, you need to consider the following marketing trends:

Marketing Trends In 2019

1. Need for content marketing

Brands are currently relying on content marketing to come up with more content on their own. However, this is becoming hard to get audience due to stiff competition.

The solution to this is to come up with strategies on how you can distribute your content in a better way than anyone else.

2. Align content marketing and public relations

Initially, content marketing and PR departments operated by different departments working with separate budgets. But currently, brands have realized the need to integrate both departments to work with one budget to boost efficiency.

3. The rising demand for authenticity

It’s critical for marketers to boost their personalization to scale up a connection to the audience. However, if you can manage to meet your audience face to face at conferences or industry events. Then that can be a powerful and better way to connect.

Therefore, make a budget factoring in the best way you want to connect with members of your audience.

4. Video content is here forever

Video content is highly utilized as 55% of people use video content, and the number is expected to rise to 80% by 2020. Therefore, incorporating video content in your advertising and marketing techniques should be embraced. Therefore, you need to factor it in your budget although you can start small as you grow big.

Marketing plays a crucial role to boost traffic to your website. Furthermore, it helps your website to be ranked high in Google, and you need to give it the budget it deserves. Check on iMarketing for Google Ads service, SEO service and any other digital marketing services, to be able to budget wisely to avoid overspending or spending too low.


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