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With the advent of smartphones and an increase in the level of internet connectivity, a business that wants to succeed must use Facebook to do its advertising. Why is this important? To start with, it is important to know that there are more than 2 billion Facebook users.

Most of these users use the instant messaging application, Facebook Messenger. The most advantageous aspect about this application is that the business is able to send private messages to its current as well as prospective customers.

Facebook Messenger For Your Corporation

However, to be able to use Facebook Messenger effectively for your business, there are practical tips that you need to apply. 5 tips on using Facebook Messenger for business are explained below:

Effectively handle the complaints the customers may have.

There are cases where a customer may have a complaint on your page about a particular product. If left for a long time, such comments may destroy the reputation of your business to your audience. It is important to send useful private messages to such customers so as to diffuse the effect of their comment on time. Ensure that the response given to them is useful.

Enable the ‘Instant replies’ feature.

This feature is effective for those messaging the business for the first time. Use a consultant to ensure the replies are designed in an impressive way to your clients.

Promptly reply to customers questions about a commodity.

So as to maintain a healthy customer relationship, it is important that you reply to their concerns within the shortest time possible. By doing this, you will be able to increase the sales and also maintain customer loyalty.

Have a personal touch with the customers.

Replies prepared in advance should only handle the frequently asked questions. For those who have special questions, a personalized response should be issued to them. This creates a personal touch with the client.

Let the customer know when you are not able to reply.

When you are not in a position to reply to a message, let the customer know in advance. This can be done by enabling the an automatic message. However, you should get back to the customer as soon as you get back.


As a business, you should be able to use Facebook messenger to your advantage. By visiting, you can be sure to solve all your Facebook advertising concerns. You will obtain the best services.

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