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Google Ads is one of digital marketing’s most effective and results orientated tools to use. Google Ads will help improve your website awareness and get customers who are interested in your business and its products and services. However, it is quite difficult, and time-consuming to understand, manage, and execute effectively a Google ads campaign. That’s where the highly qualified digital marketing agency Malaysia iMarketing MY comes in. But before we get into that let’s explain how Google Ads works.

Google Ads Malaysia

Keywords Bid

Once a Google Ads account is created advertisers would bid for keywords. These keywords when typed will show your ad and increase the chances of your site/page getting clicked on and customers converting. Advertisers will compete against each other in the Google Ads auction for the most popular (searched) keywords. Cost per click is another element of the Google Ads auction. CPC bid is the maximum amount an advertiser is willing to pay each time their ad is clicked.

Google Ads Keywords Bidding

Quality Score

Google looks at the relevancy and usefulness of your ad as well as the terms and keywords used. It also evaluates the number of clicks your previous ads received and relevant your landing page is. For example: Company A advertises on “SEO services Malaysia” and a potential customer searches “SEO Malaysia” and Company A’s ad shows up. The customer clicks on the Ad and is taken to an SEM page rather than an SEO page. This is simply not good enough and risks your ad getting a very low score. The higher the score the better chance of your ad showing up ahead of competitors. In fact, even if your CPC bid is lower than competitors you may still appear ahead of them due to quality score.


So now I’ve given you some basic insiders to how Google Ads works. So the question is should you use Google Ads? Of course you should but! Don’t use it alone. Google Ads alone can only do so much. What you need to do is combine Google Ads with SEO, display to name a few. Moreover, by combining these you are giving yourself the best chance to improve conversion and sales. I know what your thinking “but this is time-consuming and I have a business to run”. Well, you’re in luck because iMarketing Malaysia offers and manages all these products. We can build a strong and reliable Digital Marketing campaign to boost and maximize your profit.

For more information on Google Ads, you can visit our Google Ads Services Page or digital marketing agency.

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