With the global market becoming increasingly competitive day-by-day, digital marketing has been on a rapid rise and a necessity for every business owner across the world. Google and Facebook are without a doubt the two biggest digital platforms that cater to advertisements for your respective business. Let’s go into detail about Google Ads vs Facebook Ads and which one is better in the long run. 

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, What are the differences between them?

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

The primary difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is that Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform and you essentially bid on keywords (paid search).

Facebook Ads are an example of ‘paid social’ in which ads are targeted to users on the platform based on how they behave & things they’re interested in.

Listed below are the main differences between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: 

Google Ads                     Facebook Ads
Advertise on Google Platform (Search Engine, YouTube, Display network)Advertising on Facebook, Instagram
Targets by Intent/ ActionTargets by Interest/ Demographics
Best for finding customers who are ready to buyBest bringing awareness to the mass market
Macro-targeting (target audience by search behavior)Micro-targeting (target audience by interest and demographics)
Suitable for all types of BusinessesBest Suited for B2C Businesses
Google Ads Solve a ProblemFacebook Ads Create Demand
Reach people who are looking solutionMassive reach in a short amount of time, basically anyone who uses Facebook.

What Are The Strengths of Using Google Ads?

Statistics show that there were over 29 million Internet users in Malaysia, hence digital marketing and advertising on the Internet have become highly important.

Google Ads was developed by Google, and it’s one of the easiest ways to expand your businesses in the digital world. This online advertising platform is where you can have your advertisements displayed briefly. Google Ads also allows you to display a variety of advertisements such as product listings, video content, and service offers.

Google Ads Services functions by displaying your ads whenever someone searches for terms relevant to your advertisement. Your ad pops up on Google every time someone searches for products and services that your advertisement offers.

Through the pay-per-click features of Google Ads, you only have to pay for your results, i.e. when someone clicks on your website or calls to your business.

Benefits of Google Ads

There are countless strengths and benefits of using Google Ads Services for advertising, some of which are as follow:

Massive Reach

With over 2 trillion Google Searches every year, Google has become the most significant and commonly used search engine. Hence, your digital marketing and advertisement would get the maximum possible reach through Google Ads Services.

Targeting Ads

Another amazing feature of Google Ads Services is the ability to be able to target your ads and show them to people with interests specific to your products and services. This will result in a higher conversion rate and an influx of targeted audiences.

Costs Controlling

Google Ads services allow you to keep control as to how much you want to invest in your digital marketing campaigns. It also allows you to redirect your budget into advertisements and campaigns that are doing better than the others.

Google Ads helps in cost controlling

Build Brand Awareness

One of the top marketing priorities is to create brand awareness. Through Google Ads Services, you get boundless exposure for your brand.

Even if an audience isn’t visiting your website, through Google Ads Services you are visible to them along with your tag line and what you offer.

Quicker Results than SEO

While Search Engine Optimization can be vital in order to get your business on the coveted first page of a search engine, it is highly difficult to do so due to the intense competition and can sometimes take years, if ever at all.

However, by using Google Ads Services, you can get right at the top of the most popular search engine and fast track your digital marketing success.

What Are The Strengths of Using Facebook Ads?

With over two billion people using Facebook on a monthly basis, Facebook Ads is an excellent way for you to gain exposure for your brand in the digital world.

Facebook Ads is a simple straightforward way to advertise and run campaigns of your business on Facebook through easy-to-understand self-service tools. Facebook also allows you to keep track of your progress and performance through simple and easy to read reports (Facebook analytics).

Google Ads helps in cost controlling

In 2019, there was a total of over 24 million advertising audiences on Facebook in Malaysia (monthly active users), and 98% of adults aged 13+ can be reached with adverts on Facebook in Malaysia.

These statistics show just how impactful and important it is to advertise on Facebook.

After choosing your marketing objective, you simply have to select your audience, decide where to run your ad, set a budget, pick a format, place your order and then eventually measure and manage your ad on Facebook

There are numerous benefits and strengths of using Facebook Ads, some of which are as follows.

Customers spend a lot of time on Facebook

With 80% of Internet users having a presence on Facebook and checking the social media platform multiple times during the day, Facebook is a guaranteed space on which you can reach your potential customers.

Facebook Ads is affordable

On Facebook, something small can resonate into something much larger – a small investment can result in reaching thousands of people.

Increases website traffic

By running a website click campaign on Facebook, you can increase the influx of targeted audiences to your website. This is a foolproof and cost-effective way to increase traffic to your website in comparison to other ways.

Facebook Advertising is Targeted

As Facebook allows you to choose exactly who you want your advertisement to display to by filtering the age group, interests, location, and behavior, the advertisements become highly targeted which automatically results in higher conversion rates.

Facebook Ads Targeting

Progress is Measurable

Facebook Ads allow you to see the number of conversions, impressions and clicks that your respective advertisement received. This will help you better understand and decide the type of advertisements or campaigns you need to run and which ones to drop.


Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, can’t decide which one is better? In the previous sections, we have established that they are both highly beneficial and important in order to market your brand successfully in the digital world, however, you, as a brand owner need to decide which one is best suited for you.

Facebook Ads or Google Ads

Factors such as the type of business you run, your target audience, whether your business is B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) all play a vital role in deciding which one to choose, Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

To harvest the maximum digital marketing benefits, you should advertise on both Facebook and use Google Ads Services. Not sure whether Facebook or Google Ads is best for your business? Speak to our consultant today and we will be happy to assist you.

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