We have all brought a product because someone influential used it. This is a strategy called influence marketing. Influence marketing when a business focuses on building good relationships with individuals that have an influence over the target market of the buyer. These influencers include YouTubers, Journalists, Bloggers etc. Influence marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies in today’s market. In fact according to ion.co 70% of millennial YouTube subscribers trust the influencer over celebrities and 71% of customers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media reference. On average organisations gain $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing. Having an effective strategy is key to a successful influence marketing strategy and here are the keys to an effective marketing strategy.

4 Major keys to an effective Influence marketing strategy


Before deciding on which influencer to use a business must look at the influencers background and account. Does this influencer have sufficient followers and does he get his message across to the target audience? The worst thing that can happen is having an influencer who is unpopular or have very little influence on the target market. By checking his profile, you are increasing the chance of getting an influencer that has a wide reach and ability to convince the target market to buy your product.

Be selective with platforms and when choosing influencers

There is no use using an influencer on every platform. Not all platforms are equal in size and you should look at where your target mark is mainly saturated. A business should also evaluate and see the most profitable platforms to launch their influencer campaigns and check to see if a platform fits their product. For example, a clothing company relies on visual representation to show customers their clothes. YouTube would be the best platform for their influencer marketing.

Relationship with the Influencer

It is important to have a good relationship with the influencer prior, during and after the campaign. Remember the influencer has influence on your target market and can easily take away the good words they said about your company and its products. The world Is getting smaller and you don’t want to lose an influencer to your competitor. It is essential to make them want to come back to your business.

Craft the campaign with – not for – the marketer

The whole purpose of influencer marketing is your business gains followers. The influencers job is to help augment your brands goals. These goals include increase online followers and traffic to on your platforms.  This can’t be accomplished if the campaign is vague and awkward. The influencer should be surreal and genuine and the business should not try to put words their mouths. Customers will quickly figure out that the campaign is scripted and won’t bother listening. The business should let the influencer introduce the brand and its products in his/her own style and voice to show sincerity. Customers will be more willing to listen and the partnership will be able to flourish.

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