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Most web surfers today search for location-specific information. Including the specific location of your business in your ads and content is therefore very crucial as it helps attract the right audience for increased click-through. You will get real value from the search engines result pages (SERPs) by including additional data to the ad like phone numbers, physical address or simply a map icon. This is made possible with location extension.

Location Extensions

Do you know most internet users prefer information they can relate with? A person searching for a “house for sale in Singapore” will be very specific on the neighborhood. As a business, you connect with real people interested in your business, which eventually increases your conversion rates. You don’t have to change your company name to attract local traffic. Simply find something that is consistent with your overall branding that is clickable such as an icon of the map or even a logo. A search queries such as “affordable hotels near me” or “affordable hotels in River Valley” are more likely to present more accurate results than “affordable hotels.”

Search engines marketing has evolved over the years and your competitors want your slot in SERPs. What differentiates successful online campaigns is the packaging of the content and the internet marketing strategies employed. It might be a bit complex to design and set up these extensions to augment your overall SEM strategies, but it is worth every effort and investment.

Note that the use of location extension varies from one ad to another. A click-to-call allows someone to simply click on the provided number straight from the SERPs to call. This is however practical for mobile-specific ads. On the other hand, a clickable email address can suit both smart-phone users as well as those accessing the internet through the desktops or laptop computers. It is also possible to set up more than one location in your ads; it all depends on the targeted keywords and how you market it so that Google and other search engines pick up the ad for specific locations queried.


Most businesses have tried location extension in their campaigns but failed to realize tangible conversions because they lack the strategies on how to go about it. At, we have no room for mistakes or guesswork. We employ immensely researched, tested and verified strategies that deliver results. As a leading digital marketing agency, we have helped hundreds of businesses in Singapore and allover the world. We help to optimize their ads with location extension and other internet marketing strategies for high returns on their investments. Don’t be left out; contact us today and let us partner towards your success.

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