Role of Social Media in Marketing

Today’s Business world has changed dramatically with the use of all the modern technology which is available to us now a day. The biggest change that has occurred because of this technological advancement is the difference in the way to communicate. Communication always plays a key role in the business. Technological advancements have revolutionized the way people communicate. Now companies must satisfy and stay In Touch with customers. This is so they remain in the customers’ mind and the customer doesn’t leave and go to a rival. Social media was never designed for business purposes. However due to its popularity social media has become a major marketing hub for companies.

Let’s have a look at the four different ways that has played a vital role in evolving the business communication on the social media.


Companies focus on engaging with its customers rather than selling them their products.  They tend to post on content about their favourite charity or issues about the environment rather than content about their products and promotions. Companies understand that building relationships with customers is vital for developing and improving.  For example in the event of the company organising an event the company can simply advertise it on their platforms.


Having a social Media account or page is like having your own broadcasting network. A broadcasting network that you don’t have to spend excess amount of money on like traditional marketing.  Few years ago customers hesitated to share their experiences. Look at it now, it takes a second for an incident to be posted on the social media.

This gives a opportunity to the company to develop trust among its customers by responding customers instantly and stay in touch with them. For example, the company acknowledging any complain or addressing any issue by the customers.


Social media aids companies connect their customers. Customers will have a sense of belonging and importance to the company increasing brand loyalty. Social media has internal benefits. Staff members will also build connections with each other. This informal connection has eliminated the previous unified way of showing a polished company image. It is five times cheaper for a business to keep a customer rather than gain customers highlighting the importance of social media.


If New York and Las Vegas are the cities that never sleep then Facebook and Twitter are the places where your business never closes. People are moving towards these platforms very quickly. These platforms allows people to address issues and life events. This is the similar for companies.  Reaching customers isn’t always an easy task.  Social media allows companies to reach their customers at any time and day rather than waiting till morning or hoping to reach the through traditional Ads.

The use of a United Communications System can integrate your social media and call centre to provide seamless customer service.  Agents are also connected through emails and texts.

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