Do you wish to turn your twitter followers into potential customers? Have you given twitter ads a thought? As an entrepreneur, as much as you engage in great conversations with your audience on twitter, what really matters is how you can convert those discussions into profit. Twitter ads just offer the best platform to do that. When a campaign is set right, twitter ads offers the perfect social media advertising tool. That being said, let’s recap on the effective ways of setting up a good twitter campaign.

1. Know your campaign objective.

Before setting up any twitter ad, always define your objective. Are you after followers, web conversions, awareness, tweet engagements or website visits? Your objective is what impacts on your campaign performance. For instance if you want to increase app installs, you can choose the app installs or engagement campaign. This would be a great way to increase the awareness of your app since with the presence of mobile measurement partners, it will be way easier to access the metrics and track your app.

2. Focus on the ideal customers.

There are many ways to target the right audience on twitter. One simple way is through interest targeting. This involves finding potential customers based on their interest. With over 300 categories to choose from, finding people who share the same interests as you has never been easier.

3. Be creative with your campaign.

Always tailor your ad to contain short texts while keeping it straight to the point. Big, bold and flashy pictures have been established to perform better. Remember you only have a limited time period to create a lasting impression on someone scrolling through their timeline. Therefore you have to be precise and straight to the point.

4. Keep an eye on your conversions.

If you have put so much effort into creating great content and determining your target, tracking your conversion is what you’ll want to do next. In the case of tracking site visits, creating a twitter tag will come in handy. You can then add the tags to your tailored ads for the purpose of re-targeting them later or excluding them from other targeting. With the help of a tracking code you can tell how many users reached your web page and how many actually signed up for the same.

5. Oversee your campaign.

After a successful campaign launch, frequently check it’s progress. Identify the best performing platforms, the best performing tweets, which gender or locations are performing better and refine your ad accordingly. Depending on what you are promoting, aim for an engagement rate of at least 1.4%.
Well, don’t get afraid to use the twitter mix. Following the above steps will guarantee you a great start. Alternatively, you can forfeit the long struggle and visit, the best digital marketing agency, to get expert help on setting up a successful twitter campaign. Not only will the dedicated team see to it that they produce the most effective campaign but they’ll also see to it that it also ranks well among other listings.

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