Many people say that you eat with your eyes and that saying is true for all types of consumption. When you are trying to impress your audience make sure you start with your creative trade show booth ideas for your business event. There are some “sure-fire” actionable trade show booth design ideas that can attract visitors to your booth by implementing simple changes. Build your own trade show booth with exhibition, email and digital marketing.

It only takes a few seconds for a customer to decide whether they are interested in your trade show booth or not. If you don’t reel them in right away they will move on.

Spend a little more time planning out your booth according to these steps and you are sure to simply blow your audience away. Invest some extra money and effort to produce a trade show booth perfect for this new age that utilizes all forms of technology.  Follow these 10 to step up your booth and take actions after.

1. Pre-Trade Show Campaign on Social Media

The ever-growing world of the internet is an essential tool to increase awareness of your trade show booth. This includes social media marketing on popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

One of the most valuable social media interaction is Facebook ads. The internet has a broader reach than other forms of advertising, so it is a proven way to reinforce great qualities about your company while promoting the time and location of the Trade Show for them to see more of you.


Make a fun video showing your product or service in action! You also do not want to forget to put specific hashtags on all of your posts to get to work out even more.  Other Social Media platforms not to exclude LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest.

2. Invite Existing Clients

If your product/service has a list of existing clients make sure to connect your best customers and invite them to the business event. If you have the extra money to invest, use it to give tickets to these clients. It is a known concept in business that it is a lot easier to convince a prior buyer to purchase repeatedly than to gain a new client. They can also help you by providing reviews to new potential consumers.

3. Customer Involvement

Get your customers involved! This can include many interactive additions to your booth. Clients love prizes and especially games – anything that gets their brains working and interacting with your product. Even a little simple question and answer can make it feel like more of a conversation, which can add a more personal touch. Develop lines that your booth workers can say to attract potential customers. Get them involved early and they’ll stay involved.

4. Interesting Promotional Items

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff? When your promotional items shine over others, you will have more traffic to your booth because of word of mouth. If you choose to make your products for everyday use, your prospective clients will remind themselves of you more often and will also help to advertise just by carrying them around.




Although pens are a popular choice, they are cliché; you should shoot for a more unique and interesting item. Great newer styled item to give away include phone/device power banks, charging devices, Bluetooth radios (or their cheaper equivalent,) or even fun puzzles or brainteasers containing your company’s information. If you can, find something that reminds them of what you do. This could be a miniature version of your product, something that would turn up when they need you or just something that reminds them of your company’s outside of the box thinking.

5. Unique Show Booth

Try to engage customers at first glance with a very unique booth design. While it may seem hard to stand out, it is not impossible. Plan ahead with detailed decorations and official banners or signs with your company’s information or logo. Use colours that pop and enough large text for people to be interested from a distance combined with smaller details to draw them in.

Make sure to include special qualities of your business and product in the design. The most unique thing about your booth is your product/service so let it shine! You can use technology by using aids like laptops and projectors to show your business is up to par in a tech-heavy world.

6. Create Interactive Quizzes, Games, and Surveys

The most common items on a trade show booth are the pamphlets. But they get boring after a while and are eventually shoved into bags only to be thrown away later that day. To capture your audience’s attention, try a different style to be memorable. A game is a great way to highlight that your company is fun. If you choose to do a type of quiz you should keep it centered around topics in your industry. The best option is to hold a survey to improve yourself by including the ideas of your clients.

7. Attentive Booth Workers

Make sure there is always an attendant at the booth. If a prospective client walks up to your trade show booth you want them to feel free to ask a question. Customers love to know that their voice is being heard. This is made possible by having at least one person, if not more, to pass out promotional gifts, run any games or quizzes and build enthusiasm for your booth by demonstrating excitement themselves.

8. Product Demonstration

Showcase your unique service or product to these potential clients. You have worked hard to create a valuable piece of merchandise or service and it will thrive when you clearly show people its worth by demonstration. Show them directly what they’re missing and why they need you. This can also help dispel any preconceived misconceptions or assumptions a consumer might have from the get-go.

9. Collect an Email List

One of the most important steps in creating success from a trade show is to collect contact information from your prospective clientele. This will come in handy if you can produce quality newsletters that can be sent through the email.


business prospects email marketingA lot of clients see a trade show booth and while they may be interested in at the time, there are a lot of other booths that may cause them to forget the specifics of yours. Do not let this happen by making sure to ask for email addresses for the interested parties. This way you can continue contact after the trade show.

10. Follow Up with Prospects

This is a tip for after the trade show involving email marketing. Use all of the contact information for prospective clients wisely. You want to run a captivating campaign to follow up with each individual hopes of turning them into quality leads and long-term clients.

Once you have a following interested in your product work to keep them engaged with blog posts about relevant product subjects. But be wary, an overabundance of spam or harassing promotion can drive customers away as well.

goal plan target

To Sum it Up

People in attendance at a trade show are looking for good ways to spend and invest their money. If you use these tips to enhance your trade show booth, then you stand a very good chance to attract and gain these customers.

Great points to take away are to use a great deal of customer interaction. You want to focus a lot of your efforts on social media following and advertising to begin long-term relationships where people value your product/service and want to see it flourish.

Stand out from the crowd and show the world why they need you in their lives.

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