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Thank you for expressing interest in contributing a guest post to iMarketing! We are thrilled to welcome talented writers like you who can provide valuable insights to our readers.

At iMarketing, we believe in delivering high-quality content that resonates with our audience and adds significant value to our platform. Writing for us presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as an industry expert.

With the popularity of guest post submissions, we receive numerous requests daily. While we would love to accept them all, it’s essential to maintain the high standard of content we offer. However, fear not! Adhering to our guidelines can significantly increase your chances of being accepted as a guest post author.

We kindly ask you to review this entire page thoroughly to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration. Here, you’ll find comprehensive guidelines, the submission process, and details about the type of content we seek. Following these instructions will set you on the right path towards becoming a valued contributor to iMarketing.

We eagerly await your submissions and look forward to showcasing your exceptional work on our platform!

Elevate Your Profile By Guest Writing for iMarketing

As a Guest Post Writer for iMarketing, you will have the incredible opportunity to:

  • Impart knowledge and information to our readers.
  • Influence the readers with your message.
  • Inspire business people, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals.
  • Build your personal brand and establish thought leadership.
  • Connect with a diverse community of like-minded individuals.
  • Expand your reach beyond your own network.
  • Contribute to the industry’s advancement and growth.

What We Look for in Guest Posts

To ensure the success of your guest post and increase its chances of being published on our platform, we’ve outlined some essential guidelines that align with our content standards.

  1. Comprehensive, Data-Driven, Engaging, and Educational Content

We value in-depth and well-researched articles that give our readers valuable insights and actionable tips. Your guest post should be comprehensive, covering the topic thoroughly to deliver maximum value. We encourage 1000 words or more articles, as this allows for a deeper exploration of the subject matter.

  1. Tone

When writing your guest post for iMarketing, aim for a friendly and approachable tone, as if you are explaining the topic to a friend. Avoid using overly technical jargon that might confuse readers, but also refrain from being condescending. Our blog’s writing style is informative yet conversational, so please take a moment to familiarise yourself by checking out our existing content.

  1. Article Structure:

To ensure readability and easy comprehension, structure your guest post thoughtfully. Utilise headings, subheadings, and bullet points to break up the content and create a well-organised flow. This approach improves the overall readability of your article, allowing readers to grasp critical issues quickly.

  1. Proper Grammar and Language:

Before submitting your guest post, proofread and edit your article carefully. Proper grammar and language are essential to maintain a professional and polished standard. If you need more clarification about your grammar, consider using tools like Grammarly, which offers a free version to help with proofreading.

  1. Originality Matters

Authenticity is paramount to us. Your guest post must be 100% original and should not have been published elsewhere. We believe in offering fresh and unique perspectives to our audience, so we do not consider content that has already been shared on other platforms.

  1. Credible Sources and Backed Claims

We value accuracy and credibility. Links to reputable research studies or case studies should support any claims or statements you make in your article. Please refrain from using irrelevant promotional links to websites, as we focus on providing valuable and reliable information to our readers.

  1. Visual Appeal and Readability

Engage your readers with visuals! Incorporate relevant images and examples that enhance the understanding of your points. However, avoid using photos that don’t add value to the content. Please ensure that all images are approximately 1200 x 900 pixels in size and provided in .jpg format. It’s essential to use graphics and images from legitimate sources.

  1. No Monetary Compensation

While we greatly appreciate your contributions, we want to be transparent about our policy. Currently, we do not offer monetary compensation for article submissions. However, we believe the exposure and recognition gained through our platform can be immensely beneficial for aspiring writers and industry experts alike.

iMarketing – Your Hub for SEO Insights!

At iMarketing, our primary goal is to curate an authoritative library of exceptional and engaging content focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We understand the importance of SEO in today’s digital age and are dedicated to accepting only the most exceptional articles that can elevate the SEO experience for our audience.

The source context of our platform lies in being an SEO Agency, and our expertise revolves around enhancing online presence and achieving higher rankings for businesses and individuals alike. A well-executed SEO strategy can make all the difference in driving organic traffic, increasing visibility, and ultimately growing businesses.

We encourage you to explore our existing articles to ensure your guest blog aligns with our platform’s vision. This will provide valuable insights into our preferred topics, content layouts, and the tone that resonates best with our readers. By doing so, you’ll be able to craft a submission that truly stands out and contributes to our mission of becoming a go-to resource for SEO enthusiasts.

So, let your creativity flow, and be inspired to create content that educates and captivates our readers. We welcome thought-provoking ideas, data-driven insights, actionable tips, and anything that can add value to our readers’ SEO journey.

Guest Posts We Won’t Accept:

  • Duplicate Content: Before submitting your post or article, we kindly ask you to explore our website and ensure that a blog on a similar topic has not been posted before. To maintain originality and provide fresh insights to our readers, topics that have been previously published on our platform won’t be accepted.
  • Irrelevant or Non-Informative Topics: We aim to provide our audience with meaningful and insightful content. Therefore, guest post submissions that are irrelevant to our business or lack informative value won’t be considered. Please ensure that your topics align with SEO areas.

Discover the Benefits Of Guest Blogging With Us

  • Exposure to a Massive Audience: Our blog attracts an impressive number of visitors per month, and this number is continuously growing. By contributing high-quality articles, your work will be featured in our website, granting it exposure to an even wider audience who will not only read but also reshare your valuable content.
  • Social Media Amplification: Embrace the power of social media! We maintain an active presence on popular platforms like GMB, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Rest assured, your published articles will be shared across these networks, providing you with additional exposure and engagement.
  • Opportunities for Professional Networking: Join our vibrant community of writers, readers, and industry professionals. Guest blogging allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, opening doors to potential collaborations and new opportunities.

Submission Guidelines

  • Quality Standards: All submissions must meet iMarketing’s content team’s quality standards to be considered for publication. Our editors will review each article and reserve the right to reject contributions at their discretion. They may also make minor edits to your content for clarity and coherence.
  • Word Count: Your article should be 1000 words or more, offering valuable insights and information to our readers. We believe in providing in-depth, engaging content that adds real value to our audience.
  • Self-Serving Links: While we appreciate your desire to share your content, we allow only one self-serving link per article. You have the option to include a do-follow link to a relevant, informative resource within the body of the article or a do-follow link to your website or social media channel in the author bio.
  • Relevant External Links: Feel free to include outgoing links to other relevant articles from the iMarketing blog, adding further value to your piece. However, we kindly request that you refrain from excessive linking.
  • Link Relevance: External links should be relevant to our blog’s niche and content. We do not permit links to dating sites, financial sites, credit-related sites, or any irrelevant sources.
  • Exclusive Content: Once your article is published on our blog, we request that you do not republish it elsewhere, including your own blog. We want to provide our audience with fresh, unique content.
  • Enhance with Images: We encourage the use of relevant images to complement your article and make it more visually appealing to our readers. However, please ensure you have the right to use these images and provide proper credit when necessary.

Exchange Backlink Website Requirement

Are you looking to enhance your website’s SEO and domain rating? We’ve got an exciting opportunity for you! Join these initiatives to boost your online presence while collaborating with iMarketing, a reputable SEO agency in Malaysia.

  • Requirements:
    • Your website’s spammy score must be lower than 30.
  • How it Works:
    • Prepare two articles: You have the option to either use your existing article or create a new SEO article/blog post for your website.
    • Linking Strategy: Include a do-follow backlink with the anchor text “SEO Malaysia,” linking to our website: https://imarketing.my/seo-agency.
    • Article Exchange: We’ll publish one of your articles, which includes a backlink to your website and an internal link to iMarketing’s website. In return, you’ll publish the second article with a backlink to iMarketing’s website on your platform.
  • Special Request for High Domain Rating Websites:

Join us in this mutually beneficial partnership and take advantage of iMarketing’s high domain rating to elevate your website’s SEO and visibility.

Note: Please ensure that the articles and backlinks comply with our guidelines for a successful collaboration.

Process of Guest Post Writing

Here’s a simple and straightforward process to get your guest post featured on our website:

1. Share Your Article:

Send us your well-crafted article or blog post. We love engaging, informative, and thought-provoking content that resonates with our readers.

2. Review the Guidelines:

Before submitting your work, take a moment to familiarise yourself with our guest post requirements and topic preferences. Ensuring your content aligns with our guidelines increases the chances of acceptance.

3. Submit via Email:

Once you’re confident your piece meets our criteria, email it to us for consideration. Our editorial team will eagerly await your submission.

4. Thorough Review:

Your article will be meticulously reviewed against our guidelines to ensure it meets our quality standards. We value originality, relevance, and value-packed content.

5. Publish and Share:

If your submission impresses us and stands out, we’ll be thrilled to feature it on our website! Your words will reach our engaged audience, and you’ll have the chance to inspire and educate readers.

Consider These When You Write for Us

We believe in fostering genuine connections with real people, so we encourage you to get to know us better before submitting your article.

Our Approach: Getting to Know Us

Before you dive into writing, take some time to explore our website and familiarise yourself with our content. Follow us on our social media channels, engage with our articles, and share them within your network. By doing so, you’ll gain insight into our audience’s preferences and increase the likelihood of your article being selected for publication.

Publication Guidelines: What You Should Know

While we welcome submissions from talented writers like you, it’s essential to remember that not all received articles can be published. Submitting an article does not guarantee its publication, and we won’t be able to provide individual feedback or engage in correspondence for post requests. If, after a week, your article hasn’t been published, it may not have met our criteria for reasons such as audience appeal, unclear content, or non-relevancy to our platform.

Emphasising Quality and Relevance

To maximise your chances of getting published, focus on creating high-quality, valuable content that resonates with our audience. We prioritise articles that bring valuable insights, actionable tips, and a fresh perspective to the topics we cover.

Communication Regarding Selection

If we decide to feature your article, you’ll receive a notification from our team. We appreciate your patience as we carefully review each submission to ensure it aligns with our platform’s standards.

Note: If there are any complaints about the guest post, we will take prompt action and remove it immediately to address the concern. It’s essential to prioritise the satisfaction and comfort of our readers.

Where to Submit Your Well-Prepared Article:

To submit your well-crafted article, please email it to [email protected] and attach it as a Google Docs file. We’ve found Google Docs to be a user-friendly and collaborative platform for our guest authors.

Your submission should include the following:

  • Short Author Bio and Profile Picture: Tell us a little about yourself! Include a short author bio (maximum 100 words) highlighting your background and expertise. Additionally, attach a professional profile picture to personalise your contribution.

Submit Your Article Today and Let Your Voice Soar!

Ready to unleash your creativity and become a guest author on iMarketing? Take the first step towards sharing your expertise with our global audience. Submit your well-prepared article now by sending an email to us!

We can’t wait to read your exceptional contributions and witness the positive influence your words will have on our SEO community. Should you have any questions or need assistance throughout the submission process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at [email protected]. We are here to support you on your guest blogging journey!

Join us today and be a part of the movement to inspire, educate, and make a difference through the power of words. Together, we’ll create an enriching experience for our readers and writers alike. Happy writing!