The marketing world is tremendously moving from traditional methods such as billboards and TV ads to digital marketing. From what we can gather, both digital marketing and booth marketing are good and have their own perks in interacting with people.

With traditional booth marketing, businesses can easily present the products or services to customers in-person. And with the technology we’re enjoying, we can connect with millions of people within a few seconds using digital marketing. This change has brought into place things such as web tracking, email communication SEO, and PPC.

The advantage of digital marketing in business is much better for gaining popularity at a high speed due to how effective it is in engaging your clients and leads via easily accessible ways. If you’re not clear of the advantages of digital marketing, you’re in the right place.

digital marketing advantages and disadvantagesTraditional Booth Marketing vs. Digital Marketing – Why Digital Marketing is Better

1. Offers Measurable Results

You’ll never get an effective and accurate way to measure the number of people who actually looked at your flyer or billboard in a given timeframe.

However, when you use digital methods, web analytics, as well as other numerous online tools, you’ll have reliable and solid reports that give the exact number of people who clicked your specific links or opened your email and how much money you make from certain digital tactics.

With this, you’ll be able to know which tactics are working and which are not, thus establishing how effective your campaign is.

2. Higher Conversion Rates 

Customer conversion in an online platform is a matter of a few clicks away.

In contrary to traditional or other physical marketing strategies where a customer must make a call or drive to the shop, digital marketing is immediate and almost seamless.

Just clicking into your website from the email or a specific link, they can get more details about your company or make a purchase from home comfortably.

3. Reach More Target Audiences

Since digital marketing is an online activity, you’re able to access larger and global audiences, which can result in a large number of conversion hence resulting in increased sales at a lower cost and shorter time.

Whereas in the case of traditional marketing, you’re limited to a certain geographical area. Digital marketing is more effective since it allows you to reach out to global audiences in an effective and trackable way.

4. Reach Out to Your Customers On Social Media

Regardless of which industry your business falls under, the chances that your customers spend their time on social media sites like Facebook, as well as Twitter and Instagram, are very high.

Digital marketing through social media marketing will help you connect with these consumers. Social media sites such as Facebook, offer effective ways of targeting customers who have high interests in your services or products.

5.  Help to Connect With Mobile Customers

Digital marketing allows you to easily create a connection with mobile clients who browse as well as consume content on their mobile gadgets.

Statistics showed that a very high percentage of online users access the web from their mobile devices. Thus, digital marketing can help you reach out to people using mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets as well.

6. Improved Return On Investment (ROI)

Digital marketing has a high chance of increasing return on investment revenue compared to traditional methods of marketing.

This is because, with digital marketing, you will reach voluminous audiences both locally and globally in a very effective way. Thus, the more you reach out to audiences the more chances of generating ROI revenue.

On top of that, in digital marketing, you get to choose the target audiences you want to advertise to. This means that your target audiences are already interested in the types of products or services you offer before being introduced to your brand or business.

7. Cost-Effective

Another benefit of digital marketing is the cost-effectiveness in marketing. In traditional ways of marketing, it will be a hard battle for small business to successfully outdo large business in ad space competition.

However, a small business can comfortably afford a digital marketing strategy at a relatively low cost.

Wrapping It Up

The above-discussed digital marketing advantages and disadvantages are just the tips of the iceberg. As you read through the details, you will be able to understand how digital marketing can boost your business better than booth marketing.

In iMarketing, we engrave for you a massive and interactive platform to enable you to communicate with your customers at a brand new level. Digital marketing has uncountable benefits for both small, medium, and large businesses.

If you’ve not yet shifted to digital marketing then you are missing out on these great benefits. Take bold steps and market your business digitally to take it to the top!

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