Digitalization Era

Nowadays people have remote control of their homes. We can control temperature, lights and more with our smartphones likewise with cars as they have technology to park themselves and in some instances auto pilot themselves. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the era of digitalization.

Malaysian Perspective

According to a report by the Statistics Department of Malaysia, 97.5 per cent of individuals use mobile phones. The percentage of individuals using Internet at least once a day is 86.6 per cent moreover people use the internet for various activities. Among these are using social networks (84.3%), searching information about different products and services (79.6%), downloading images, movies, videos or music; playing or downloading games (76.1%) and exchanging emails (68.4%).

While Everything is Adapting to this Change of Digitalization, Why not Marketing?

Everyone owns a smartphone, tablet or PC. Internet penetration is increasing day by day. People have more access to internet than ever before allowing them to check online prior to go for shopping causing Consumers’ knowledge on products increase. They compare prices, quality and availability. Before making an actual purchase, reading about the product reviews is a common practice. Among millions of daily tweets, a significant amount consists of talking about different brands. Development of Digital Marketing has evolved the way business enterprises deploy technology for marketing purposes.

Digital platforms are integrate into marketing plans and everyday life. Instead of going to physical stores, people use digital devices to shop. As a result digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent and efficient.

Grasp the Concept

Digital Marketing is all about marketing of products or services using digital technologies. Mainly on the internet moreover it contains mobile phones, advertisements and other digital mediums. For instance, It has come to succeed traditional practices. The transition from paper and newspaper ads to Facebook and PPC campaigns.

Now, if traditional marketing practices are not incorporated into digital ones, businesses will be left far behind in this cut throat competing world. To be able to have an effective marketing strategy visit iMarketingMY.

Having a great marketing strategy is great but you should also known the different steps to an effective digital marketing strategy.

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